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being six more than eighty


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Ovarian: Eighty-six percent (86%) were likely to recommend an FDA approved screening test for ovarian cancer.
which was organized in 1968, is a public equity REIT that owns and operates eighty-six manufactured home communities containing approximately 14,800 developed homesites.
Berlin : Eighty-six camels perished as a ferocious fire swept through their farm in southern Germany earlier on Thursday, causing nearly one million euros ($1.
Eighty-six per cent say a lack of play makes their youngster unhappy, while nearly 62 per cent said their child is angrier when their play is limited.
Eighty-six schools from across the region have entered the competition, which is played with a softball and uses Kwik Cricket equipment, is an eight-a-side pairs game with each innings of 16 overs, and is played on a wicket 17 yards long with a boundary of 25 yards maximum.
Eighty-six of them volunteered to undergo stress testing, in which they did arithmetic and dealt with a staged, confrontational interview.
Eighty-six per cent of people believe violent crime is on the increase and 77 per cent say offenders should be sent to jail for longer.
Eighty-six glossy figures, twelve of them in beautiful color, have lengthy, sophisticated captions, which show how visual evidence can enrich readers' understanding of the various topics.
Says Paula Apsell, senior executive producer for WGBH/NOVA, "With the power of television to extend our message into eighty-six million living rooms each week, one of the most visited dot-org websites in the world, the local reach of three hundred forty-eight member stations across the U.
EIGHTY-SIX per cent of Merseyside police constables who took their sergeants examination failed this summer.
Eighty-six percent of Americans said religion was "important" in their lives.
I have the Spring 1999 issue before me now, and it was a slender production containing some twenty brief articles within a space of eighty-six pages.
Words in My Hands: A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey is the award-winning inspirational tale of an eighty-six year old deaf-blind pianist, who lost his senses since age forty-five, and his renewal in life through the hand-over-hand sign, as told by his sign language teacher Diane Chambers.
Eighty-six percent of women who have had abortions say abortion made their lives worse.
Eighty-six years ago, an influenza A H1N1 virus swept the globe and killed an estimated 20-40 million people.