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being seven more than eighty


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Beneath it, in the ground, there lies the main body of the temple consisting in six hundred and eighty-seven circular chambers, one below another.
William Guppy, eighty-seven, Penton Place, or if removed, or dead (of blighted hopes or anything of that sort), care of Mrs.
The Limited whirled the "Constance" into Buffalo and the arms of the New York Central and Hudson River (illustrious magnates with white whiskers and gold charms on their watch-chains boarded her here to talk a little business to Cheyne), who slid her gracefully into Albany, where the Boston and Albany completed the run from tide-water to tide-water - total time, eighty-seven hours and thirty-five minutes, or three days, fifteen hours and one half.
According to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department, more than eighty-seven thousand children up to five years of age will be administered anti-polio drops, Radio Pakistan reported.
In this phase census will be conducted in eighty-seven districts including twenty-one each in Punjab and Sindh, twelve in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, six Agencies of FATA, seventeen in Balochistan and five each in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Radio Pakistan reported.
for eighty-seven years-- she was an instant charred with happiness
Eighty-seven per cent believe that political parties hype up their promises to secure votes, and 47% say politicians want an education system which does not suit children's needs.
Eighty-seven were in favour of an abattoir, 62 were opposed, four were neutral and 10 were undecided.
Eighty-seven percent of parents are counting on their children to receive scholarship or grant money and more than two-thirds believe colleges will offer reasonably affordable financial aid.
Eighty-seven years later, Yankee Stadium is still called the "The House That Ruth Built.
Eighty-seven percent of union workers voted to approve the strike, according to Thea Lavin, a spokeswoman for the Service Employees International Union Health Care Workers-West.
Nathalie Krassovska was teaching ballet in Dallas and, at eighty-seven, seemed to thoroughly enjoy it; Zoritch, still remarkably handsome at eighty-four, made daily pilgrimages to the gym.
Johnson, founder of the company that publishes Ebony and Jet magazines, passed away on August 8 at age eighty-seven.
In 2000, there were twenty-one organized state Green parties--ten with a ballot line--and we had elected eighty-seven Greens to office.
Eighty-seven percent of women had resumed intercourse by the survey date, and another 2% had attempted to do so; the proportion who had at least attempted to start having sex again was significantly greater among women without depression than among those who were depressed (90% vs.