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being nine more than eighty


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Tender base budget four hundred eighty-nine thousand four hundred sixty EUR (489 460 EUR), excluding VAT, broken down into BI 489 460 EUR, VAT 10% 40 043 EUR, VAT 21%, 18 696.
Eighty-nine percent of surveyed PVR households said they were either "extremely satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their PVR service.
Eighty-nine percent of companies studied have a written corporate values statement, and 90% of these specify ethical conduct as a principle.
This newly-constructed facility, located at 10120 Grant Street in Thornton, brings the total of ABRA repair centers to eighty-nine in ten states.
Eighty-nine percent of respondents listed it as either their leading (64 percent) or their second-leading (25 percent) challenge.
My mother eventually taught for over sixty-five years, reluctantly retiring from her reading clinic at the age of eighty-nine after she broke a second hip.
The book is lavishly illustrated with eighty-nine of the artist's works interspersed through the text, and has comprehensive endnotes.
Eighty-nine is Daiei Hawks manager Sadaharu Oh's uniform number.
Eighty-nine percent of persons ages 45 to 64 lack such insurance, as do 77 percent of those age 65 or older.
Eighty-nine per cent know how much money they have in their pockets without looking.
Eighty-nine percent of the people had mercury levels exceeding the five parts per billion recognized as safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Academy of Sciences.
Eighty-nine percent of growers planted all of their Bt cornfields within the required one-half mile of a non-Bt refuge.
Eighty-nine per cent of UK employees have no idea what symptoms to look out for if they suspect a colleague has become exposed to a biological or chemical agent, the survey said.
Eighty-nine people living on the Daimler Green estate - on the site formerly occupied by the Jaguar works, have signed a petition calling for an assurance that no new bus route will run through the pounds 16.
The autobiographical and literary writings include the eighty-nine poems and madrigal cycles of the Scelta di poesie filosofiche (published in 1622, but mostly written before 1609), sixteen of the more than one hundred-sixty surviving letters, and the Syntagma de libris propriis et recta ratione studendi (Latin, with Italian translation).