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Synonyms for eighty-fifth

the ordinal number of eighty-five in counting order


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Kader Asmal, David Chidester and Wilmot James have edited an eighty-fifth birthday tribute to South Africa's first post-apartheid president in Nelson Mandela in His Own Words: From Freedom to the Future.
Because the plastic is not completely melted, calculations show that only about one eighty-fifth of the energy released when the plastic nuggets burn is used to create the nugget," he says.
As has been pointed out by Andrzej Zaborski with whom I am in firm agreement: "Many of Ehret's comparisons are unacceptable since his semantic method is quite uncritical in many cases" ("Biconsonantal Roots and Triconsonantal Root Variation in Semitic: Solutions and Prospects," in Semitic Studies in Honor of Wolf Leslau on the Occasion of his Eighty-Fifth Birthday, ed.
Among Indiana's ninety-two counties, they are ranked eighty-fifth and ninetieth in total migration, respectively.
In 1988, in honor of his eighty-fifth birthday, Barbara Smoker compiled Blackham's Best, a book of his quotations and writings.
Deported and gassed to death she was, in her eighty-fifth year.
During the Share conference, the Bank signed on with its eighty-fifth partner -- the Samsung Corporation.
His eighty-fifth birthday last May was a movable feast, celebrated in New York City, San Francisco.
This refreshing collection--part history, part critique, and part activist handbook--is the result of a 1996 conference on the eighty-fifth anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.
IPLS, which is a free internet-based aircraft parts search engine, announced that it has signed up its eighty-fifth (85th) member bringing the total number of parts listed in the database to seventy-seven million with over one million different part numbers.
American, European and UN negotiators have just concluded their eighty-fifth meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, who is a personal representative of ailing Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and a senior officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
The CIAA is an athletic conference consisting of twelve historically African American institutions of higher education and is entering its eighty-fifth year of athletic competition.
Ha, or Hoi, Lawe, Hawt: The Ethiopic Letter Names," in Semitic Studies in Honor of Wolf Leslau oh the Occasion of his Eighty-fifth Birthday, ed.
We are amazed at the integrity with which Torga leads his life, seeing patients until his eighty-fifth birthday, when the local bank decides to renovate the building That houses his small medical practice, refusing to be part of glitterati protest lists for whatever cause, agonizing over the trivialization of Portuguese traditions at the hands of the tourist industry, or downplaying the numerous honors and celebrations with which both his literary and surgical accomplishments are marked toward the end of his days.
She was still ensconced in that apartment the night of May 21, 1973, when just about everyone else who mattered to the old man was at the Metropolitan Opera House for the International Dimaond Jubilee Gala in honor of his eighty-fifth birthday.