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eight people considered as a unit


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a Scottish reel for eight dancers

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Mackenzie lists just three tunes, "The Deil amang the Tailors', 'The Fairy Dance', and 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley', and these also occur in the settings in Blair Atholl Eightsome Reels, Skye Eightsome, Paterson's Eightsome Reel (1909), Cosmo Mitchell's Eightsome Reel (1912), Allan's Ballroom Companion (c.
The earliest of these published settings, Lady Helen Forbes's arrangements for The Blair Atholl Eightsome Reels, stands out from the others in two ways.
The iconography of the Highland soldier has a special association with the 'Eightsome Reel', as illustrated by the Blair Atholl Eightsome Reels pamphlet.
Every inch of space was covered in the Grand Hall, where the Eightsome Reels were danced, the gallery was crowded with spectators, and all the little boxes were occupied.
Bill and Atsuko Clement sent helpful information about The Blair Atholl Eightsome Reels.
Not only have we preserved probably more country dances than many places, but we were also responsible for the eightsome reel in its present form.
Grahame Macncilage's How to Dance the Eightsome Reel, a thirty-two-page booklet published in Alloa in 1900, makes this two-part structure explicit.
Kerr's Modern Dance Album for the Pianoforte contains this note to musicians: A Strathspey and Reel of Tulloch is often danced after the Eightsome Reel.
George Lowe's instructions for the dance carry the full title "The Skye Eightsome Reel as Danced at the Northern Meeting Balls and Skye Gatherings', and the music is given As played at "The Skye Gatherings" & "Northern Meeting Balls" by Logan's Band'.
Of course, the steps demanded skill and much practice, and 'Eightsome Reel clubs' were formed for this purpose; on his title page Macneilage offers 'special terms to private Eightsome Reel clubs'.
102) At the 1914 celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 7th Duke of Atholl's accession, the 'Eightsome Reel' was featured amid a theatrical scene of fireworks and 'wild cheering' outside Blair Castle: 'Into this scene burst eight kilted stalwarts of the Atholl Highlanders, and to the strains of the pipes the Eightsome Reel was danced as it should be danced, in its own true Highland setting, and by its proper exponents.
Mackenzie published his Illustrated Guide to the National Dances of Scotland, listing on the title page 'The Classic Foursome Scots Reel, The Eightsome Reel, Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Strathspey, etc.
About 1886 the Eightsome Reel was first done at the Royal Caledonian Ball in London; earlier at private Balls in Scotland.
121) On 25 September 1924, the Duke and Duchess of York 'were cheered by a large crowd when they arrived from Glamis Castle' to attend the Forfar County Ball, where 'The [ir] party made up a set for an eightsome reel, and spent over an hour at the ball'.
60) Grahame Macneilage, How to Dance the Eightsome Reel, Scotch Reel, Reel of Tulloch, Strathspey and Reel Steps (Alloa, [1900]), pp.