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eight people considered as a unit


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a Scottish reel for eight dancers

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Not only have we preserved probably more country dances than many places, but we were also responsible for the eightsome reel in its present form.
There would be entertainment also: mermaids, the eightsome reel performed by a troupe of old lobsters who danced to the music of flounders.
There are lots of ways to come out on top and the league leaders have demonstrated just about every one of them in their eightsome reel which has given the league table such a refreshing new look.
I was especially reminded of him when, at a party up the Breamish Valley, a comely lady persuaded me into an eightsome reel (she had a professional wrist lock on me at the time) and while we were prancing and "heughing" about, she felled me with a step-over toe hold and nearly broke my leg.
The new slimline Monty slumped to a sorry 75, effectively kissing goodbye to his hopes of a golfing Eightsome Reel.
TEENAGER Neil Tarrant knocked in a hat-trick as ROSS COUNTY went on an eightsome reel.
700-1 Seven up at Fontwell 3000-1 Eightsome reel at Wolves A great headery GARRY OWEN had the bookies reaching for their boxes of Kleenex two weeks ago when he knocked seven bells out of them with a magnificent 700-1 accumulator at Fontwell.
Would that eightsome reel inside high-tension Ibrox?
Cameron did not mention the Union or Scotland in his speech, but the polls show that from the banks of Tyne to Sullom Voe there will not be enough Tory MPs to form an eightsome reel.
And sorry East Stirling were left so shocked by the eightsome reel they could have done with Deuchar's medical skills to restore their senses.
GAVIN WEMYSS and Mike Stephen each bagged a hat-trick as Fraserburgh went on an eightsome reel to batter Brora.
Owing to unforeseen circumstances, a complicated tendering process and rising costs, the Eightsome Reel will be a Fortytwosome Reel; the Dashing White Sergeant will bean Infantryman From TheRank Of No Set Ethnic Background Whose Attractiveness Or Otherwise is Neither Here Nor There; the First Minister will fly to Toronto to recruit couples for the Canadian Barn Dance, and the Gay Gordons will be actively encouraged.
GRAHAM RANKIN yesterday spearheaded an eightsome reel of Scots golfers past the first stage of the European Tour qualifying school.
It's a night when ex-pats - Picadilly Highlanders as they are known in London - are joined by guests from Scotland for a sweat-inducing Eightsome Reel or a muscle-bursting Dashing White Sergeant.