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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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33) The upper voice (U), playing single notes at a time, repeats a four note pattern of two dotted eighth notes followed by two eighth notes, for a total duration equal to ten sixteenth beats.
The traces show that initial punches of adjacent half notes and eighth notes were altered to the rather curious notation of small eighth notes punched inside the held half notes (fig.
Compare the eighth notes on the main beats to the eighth notes between the beats (the "and" s).
I chose two of approximately the same technical requirements, with eighth notes as the fastest notes.
Laura Siersema with her random pattern of eighth notes
Laura also explained to her local newspaper in the United States, the Green-field Recorder, that the composition for seven pianos, voice and percussion is full of subtleties which evoke particular strands of the disaster - including one sequence of 144 eighth notes, representing each victim.
The arias in common time often require quick, aggressive diction on chains of eighth notes, or a voice capable of great inflection.
I try to teach how to distinguish eighth notes from triplets, from quarter notes.
With an over-reliance to make the piece "baroque" with double-dotted eighth notes, Rohde lost the opportunity to display the wonderful linear constructions of the work.
The exercises in printed in large staff and eighth notes (rather than 16th notes), easier to read than the smaller staff, compact Hanon advanced editions.
This is followed by chapters dedicated to exercises for Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Sixteenth Notes, and combination exercises.
His lyrical, informal prose is accompanied by scientific diagrams of pitches and notes--musical transcriptions written in kilohertz rather than eighth notes.
Half notes eventually became quarter notes, and eighth notes became sixteenths.
She teaches her kids about whole, half, quarter and eighth notes, she says.
Waterfall with Music Notes, 2000, with its cartoony fragments of quarter and eighth notes dancing over a cascading torrent, virtually sings.