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Synonyms for eighth

position eight in a countable series of things

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one part in eight equal parts

coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position


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Among the states surveyed, California had the highest percentage of children learning English as a second language - 29 percent in fourth grade and 20 percent in eighth.
It was the first ball hit out of the infield by the Brewers, who didn't hit another one to the outfield until Royce Clayton flied to right to end the eighth.
With the Angels staring at a 0-2 deficit in the series, lightning struck - twice - in the eighth inning.
Tracy moved Izturis from eighth to second in the lineup so Paul Lo Duca and Green could be in more run-producing situations, but it didn't work.
Matzenbacher wouldn't have pitched the eighth if not for the roster moves that have left the bullpen short-handed.
If you get a kid behind in the fifth or eighth grade, catching them up to grade level in one year is really hard.
Shabansky (0-1), the losing pitcher, entered the game in the eighth in relief of starter Brandon Webb, who settled down after allowing three runs on three hits in the first.
The Angels' Juan Rivera, right, is congratulated by Vladimir Guerrero and Garret Anderson after hitting a three-run home run in the eighth inning to tie the score.
Personal and perceived peer norms that encourage adolescents to refrain from sex are associated with reduced odds of sexual initiation among seventh and eighth graders (odds ratios, 0.
Scores for black fourth and eighth graders jumped by 13 and five points, respectively, since the last geography test conducted in 1994.
Supreme Court recently decided to let stand a ruling by the Eighth U.
On the eighth day of Christmas, health care gave to me: "Eight RT's assessing.
IF, AS WAS WRITTEN HERE AND WAS TRULY SAID, 1993 was the year of the priest, the year 1994, just as truly, might be described as the year of the Eighth Commandment.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss the economy of the Eighth Federal Reserve District and my views on monetary policy.