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The result is a stackable eight-sided case with improved sustainability, greater graphic opportunities, improved fiber utilization and reduced costs related to the supply chain.
As a referee, McCarthy is known for announcing ``Let's get it on'' at the beginning of each Ultimate Fighting Championship match, and he's so much associated with the sport's eight-sided ring that he has been called ``The Octagon's Ninth Side.
Instead of a round tub, Staber uses a patented stainless-steel eight-sided outer tub with a six-sided inner tub that holds more laundry and tumbles it down repeatedly into a pool of water, which creates a water-pumping action that cleans clothes more effectively than circular tubs.
The metallic eight-sided Tetra Pak 'e-pod' is being launched into the UK off-trade in January 2006 in one-litre and half-litre cartons, proving French wine producers are working to compete with New World brands through innovation.
Larson had already designed and built the eight-sided tree house in his own backyard two years prior to the exhibit.
From single-sided to eight-sided labels and product sizes up to 6 liters are molded in tools with cavitation ranging up to 6 + 6 stack designs.
The Octagon, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the eight-sided remnant of an 1839 building that housed an asylum and later the Metropolitan Hospital.
The new TPA carton brings together in a one litre format the attractions of two of Tetra Pak's most successful innovations of recent years: the eye-catching, eight-sided shelf appeal of the TPA shape--previously available only in 250ml and 330ml sizes--and the camper-evident, easy to use, resealable functionality of the StreamCap opening.
The top box is shaped like an eight-sided merry-go-round, decorated with a similar amount of carousel horses, each named after a Starbucks beverage (Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, et al).
Sixteen fighters from around the world, including four from the UK, battled it out in an eight-sided, caged ring.
Sixteen fighters from around the world, including four from the UK, will battle it out in a special eight-sided caged ring at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.
For the Navajo, a traditional home wasn't a tepee, but a hogan--a six- or eight-sided structure made of horizontal logs and covered with mud.
One of the performers in red tights, wearing a white deer-skin and a headdress, holds a yellow bird while seemingly dancing within an eight-sided cage.
Just as the overall temperature of a gas remains constant while some molecules move quickly and others move slowly, constantly colliding and changing speeds, individual bubbles can add or subtract sides while preserving the froth's constant verall distribution of five-, six- and eight-sided bubbles, he suggests.
The rooms are in eight-sided, cedar-clad lodges (pictured on page 54); you sleep on single cots, two to four to a room, and share kitchen and bath facilities.