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a black pool ball bearing the number 8

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I made too many errors and Ding hardly missed," said O'Sullivan who certainly looked more at home on a snooker table than he did playing eight-ball pool in Las Vegas.
So in order to get his potting passion bubbling again, 'The Rocket' is prepared to make a splash on the eight-ball pool circuit across the pond in the US.
He has already signed a contract to play eight-ball pool in America and said: "I don't care who I play in the final.
Surely he must want to hear my views on such a sensitive and important matter: what course to choose, tried and trusted revision techniques, mental agility and, most crucially for anyone considering life in the sixth form, which card games to master, the finer points of American eight-ball pool and how best to avoid teachers in the local boozers.
Michaela won the eight-ball pool European Ladies' Championship in 1998 and has been a key member of the Scottish ladies' pool team since 1992.
They vie for gold, silver and bronze medals in such sports as swimming, table tennis, bowling, eight-ball pool and the slalom (obstacle course).
Dubai: Ameen Fikri staged a miraculous fight back on the opening day of the 2012 GCC Billiards Championship at the Ezone Club in Dubai on Saturday to edge past Ali Al Obaidli of Qatar 7-6 and progress to the eight-ball pool quarter-finals.
Fourteen members of staff from the North Wales Fire Service are taking part events from triathlon to eight-ball pool.
The international champion will be dropping into Thornaby Snooker Centre for an eight-ball pool exhibition this weekend.
Selby, reigning eight-ball pool champion, is playing John Higgins in the final, which ends tonight.
Satoshi Kawabata beat Antonio Gabica of the Philippines in the final of the men's eight-ball pool singles to give Japan its second cue sports gold in as many days at the Asian Games on Saturday.
Selby, the world eight-ball pool champion, will now play Peter Ebdon on Wednesday.
Selby, the reigning world eight-ball pool champion, is now gearing up for next month's UK Championship in York.
Cardiff's former world eight-ball pool champion has already competed in the first event of the International Pool Tour in Las Vegas last month, which saw him among 120 other global pool stars shooting for a $350,000 first prize at each of the 10 events.
The Gillies play the same version of eight-ball pool most of us are familiar with from the pub.