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37/0) Rhinolophus denti (3/2) Mops condylurus (7/0) Rhinolophus fumigatus (2/0) Neoromicia capensis (16/0) Rhinolophus landeri (1/1) Neoromicia helios (6/0) Rhinolophus simulator (2/0) Swaziland Nycteris thebaica (4/0) Eastern Africa Kenya Coleura afra (27/10) Miniopterus natalensis (15/0) Eidolon helvum (15/0) Miniopterus sp.
There are thousands of potential holster configurations to experiment with and getting to know the assembly process will help the end user maximize the possibilities of the Eidolon Holster System.
Located at 414 Dupont Circle in Raleigh's historic Boylan Heights neighborhood, Eidolon Designs handcrafts fine furniture, architectural millwork, doors, kitchen, bath, and office components, media integration pieces, and sculpture.
Comparing the Hippocratic passage with the Pindar's fragment, it is not easy to overlook the fact that Pindar does not speak about psuche but about eidolon, an expression obviously evoking Homer's concept of eschatological psuche, a shadow of man forever stored away in the underworld realm of Hades.
Radiant with charm, haunting and ungraspable, Helen is like a person from the beyond, doubled in this life and on this earth in herself and her phantom, her eidolon.
The cosmology and history of Cloud hinges on Gilman's reimagining of the Persephone Myth--with a Demon Demeter, Annis, who wants to devour this Persephone, who is her daughter, her eidolon, and herself.
Results for aspect ratio indicate that long distance flying bats, such as Eidolon helvum, have greater ratios, indicative of long narrow wings.
The phenomenon that David Bohm's eidolon concept seeks to explain (NCR, Feb 2), "Spooky electron behavior suggests hidden wholeness," is also discussed in Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield's 1991 book, titled The Arrow of Time.
Though the novel is a pulse-pounding mystery about a serial killer, Gladden, it is the Eidolon and his criminal role as a pedophile that is the focus of the extract's analysis.
beheld, seated by a lamp, and employed in reading revise, the person, or perhaps I should Rather say the Eidolon, or representative Vision, of the AUTHOR OF WAVERLEY (Scott 1907: xxxv-xxxvi).
The adventure begins in a first region of Eidolon, an Earthlike planet that will soon evolve into a resort and "home away from home.
abae (Hipposideridae); observed fruit bats included Hypsignathus monsrosus, Rousettus aegyptiaeus, and Eidolon helvum (Pteropodidae).
The Eidolon Jungle: Every area of Norrath - over all the ages -- has its own home in Ethernere.
If anything haunts the reader of this collection, it is the eidolon of value in its epistemic and literary incarnations.
Though Mitchell's book claims this uncanny realm of the eidolon as its principal domain, the argument is careful to concede that the power of the image is not necessarily so awesome or commanding.