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of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy

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This is simply a prelude to an amiable over-all description of the four-fold Suchness of Reality and its self-qualified primal noumena, which is not attributable to simple, eidetically unqualified "bi-dimensional" entities (whose common qualification is solely based on "this" and "other", "yes" and "no", or at most "yes and/or no").
4 Beyond Kant, phenomenology, and reflexivity: a fourfold, eidetically qualified universal logic with asymmetric, anholonomic categorical connection
He further examines how Kafka's text forces us to reconsider eidetically even such mundane experiences as getting out of bed or speaking a sentence.
A logical system is hereby categorical-synthetic-revolutionary (that is, universal) if and only if it encompasses the spiraling interaction between: 1) Existence as the eidetically negative totality and horizon of "non-A and non-non-A" for any entity "A" and the infinitesimality (surdeterminate infinite difference) of "non-A" and the infinity of "non-non-A" --the entirety of possible inter-related, compositional things --and 2) the "twice-aprioristic" (non-arbitrary objective-aprioristic) epistemic set of "A and non-A" representing things-as-they-are (categorically aprioristic-objective existents in pure phenomenological-natural space beyond mere societal conditionings).
Such a method of historical reflection is possible only if history is treated (like the world) symbolically and eidetically.