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of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy

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This coupling allows him to return to his primary theme, the distinction between the eidetic structure of the good and the genetic structure of law.
The theorist who disallows the eidetic continues to exist by reason of being able to recognize instances of the eidetic.
Such a meta-categorical view on Reality, as presented above, is in eidetic and twice-aprioristic contrast to the pseudosynthetic, inter-subjective, commutative logism of a thing "A" being arbitrarily, conditionally given as "A and non-A" at the same time by way of a homogenizing, "modernizing", "newly introduced" human interaction-type superficially (beyond just artificially
Crucially, however, Husserl was not founding a science reliant on facts and figures, but an eidetic one concerning itself with the essences of reality.
The elephants in the room--plague and cold--bellow like eidetic images, apparently undetected by the author, who does not mention climate and hardly mentions disease.
An eidetic memory has the unexpected effect of allowing Rachel to see past enchantments sorcerers use to hide their secrets.
Hypnogogic resonance "is a place of primary process mutuality in which the analyst can find relevant meaning in its personal manifestations of eidetic imagery, vivid sounds, smells, or various kinesthetic sensations.
Whitney), the excellent three-movement suite Looking Upward, as well as some of his most famous marches, including the official US Marine Corps march, Semper Eidetic.
As Gadamer explains, 'there "is" the reality of the genus of things mixed from the peras and the apeiron [the reality of genesis] just as there "is" [the eidetic reality of] the peras and apeiron themselves (and just as there "is" necessarily a cause for the third, mixed genus).
Such discoveries were second nature to Don who had an eidetic memory and a keen eye for details, even incorporating such minutiae as mudcrack patterns and raindrop impressions when it came to understanding and relating trackway specimens.
Indeed, Bachelard saw in phenomenology an opportunity to subject eidetic structures in literature to a reverie in which a latent dream could be remembered.
In Poetry and the Fate of the Senses, Susan Stewart describes a kind of poetic architecture that is built of sounds, rather than visual components: "the poet works from the received foundation of speech-out of this inheritance, the poet makes another self, an eidetic self estranged from mere authorship.
The study employed some phenomenological tenets such as epoche (bracketing of preconceived ideas) descriptive accuracy, empathy and eidetic intuition, the latter term being derived from the Greek noun eidos to refer to the essence of phenomena (Cox, 1996).
To this day he claims he can see the rainbow -an eidetic image burned into his brain, an unmistakable sign of God's presence-shimmering before him.
Planteando la influencia de Ortega y Gasset sobre Guillen, Havard dice: "It is true that Ortega too is a perfectionist, and furthermore there is a coincidence of procedure between pure poetry's minimalist essentialism and the re-ductionism or so-called eidetic vision of Phenomenology which also seeks to perceive the essence of things" (39).