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duck of the northern hemisphere much valued for the fine soft down of the females

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The down, the finest in the world, is harvested from coastal and island eider duck colonies after the eggs have hatched and the nests have been abandoned.
A member of council for the society is Prof Jimmy Steel, who is also Femail eider duck by Brian Matthews Femail eider duck by Brian Matthews head of Newcastle University Dental School, and who "compered" the awards ceremony.
Eider duck mothers lead their chicks to the open sea within 24 hours of hatching to the relative safety of the nearby rocky shorelines and harbours of North Northumberland.
The RSPB is calling for the Government to take action to safeguard the future of birds such as the puffin, eider duck, kittiwake, guillemot and tern, which nest off the Northumberland coast.
Other factors in the Whitley Bay-Alnmouth zone include Coquet Island and a roseate tern breeding colony, eider duck and puffin nesting sites, and the presence of porpoise.
But the eider duck population had a good year, with 63 more breeding females, making a total of 718.
The internationally-important population of shags had their best breeding season for over a decade, as did the eider duck colony.
A seabird paradise is situated about a mile from Amble harbour, as the island is the home to 40,000 nesting sea birds including puffins, rare roseate terns, sandwich tern, common tern, artic terns, kittiwakes and eider ducks which all nest here in the summer months.
F E HYNES, Middlesbrough Male and female Eider ducks at South Gare, Redcar, by Ray |Simpson, of Marske
After a wonderful night's sleep, rocked by the gentle lapping of the Baltic, we took breakfast and watched the Eider ducks and their ducklings swim around the boat, and then reluctantly left and headed north to Stockholm.
Two species of water fowl, the eider ducks and long tailed ducks have also lost habitat.