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In addition, the language of the opinion is not clear on whether and to what extent egregiousness is necessary.
The important difference, of course, is that the current law emphasizes egregiousness of partisan effect.
On the other hand, a Connecticut court (which decided the case in the hypothetical above) ruled that, under the facts, the defendant's conduct did not meet the high threshold of egregiousness that defines gross negligence.
Agostino agreed, attributing this to the egregiousness of the preparer's abuse of trust.
Peter McLaren clarifies this dialectical relation beautifully and captures the egregiousness within one-sided and simplistic explanations of relative truths or universalities:
These differences are more related to the number of executions previously carried out in the same jurisdiction, leading to shared expectations by all the decision-makers involved, than they are related to the egregiousness of the underlying crime.
And unless someone can point to an example, this season there have been no mudslinging or dirty tricks campaigns as have occurred in the past with varying degrees of egregiousness.
but rather a more fact-based assessment of the egregiousness of the
Instead, we find that suits against public companies are related to the egregiousness of the backdating activity.
Plaintiffs have not pled facts that rise to the level of egregiousness necessary for punitive damages in an insurance contract case.
Instead of reporting the allegations in an urgent manner, as the egregiousness of the alleged conduct dictated, they were kept quiet.
To add to the egregiousness of this discrimination, Jack Shaheen has documented almost 900 films from the beginning of the cinema industry in the West, starting in 1896, that show how Arabs (read "Muslims") have been constantly portrayed as "brutal, heartless, uncivilized fanatics and money-mad cultural 'others' bent on terrorizing civilized Westerners, especially Christians and Jews" (Shaheen 2003, 172).
She also was keenly aware of the egregiousness of segregation due to skin color.
Typically, that justification is described in moral terms--a criminal conviction signals a moral judgment by society regarding the egregiousness of the corporation's behavior.