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under foreign law may not sufficiently capture the egregiousness of the
252) The Agency has held that in its assessment of whether/how much sanction is appropriate, it will always consider (1) "the egregiousness and extent of a registrant's misconduct," and (2) the Agency's interest in both specific deterrence (on the registrant/applicant) as well as general deterrence (among members of the regulated community).
He does, however, posit that the timing and egregiousness of Private Slovik's military criminal offenses, in concert with his civilian criminal record, ultimately led to the denial of his request for clemency and his execution.
com/articles/22035/steubenville-rape-case-does-america-have-an-unadmitted-rape-culture-problem) "rape culture," and it's important that, when these events occur abroad, their egregiousness and obviousness don't distract us from the fact that we, too, have serious problems with rape right here at home.
The multiple damages provision of chapter 93A is designed to impose a penalty that varies with the culpability or egregiousness of the defendant's conduct.
In contrast, the Guide notes how the SEC's Enforcement Manual suggests considering such factors as "the statutes or rules potentially violated; the egregiousness of the potential violation; the potential magnitude of the violation; whether the potentially harmed group is particularly vulnerable or at risk; whether the conduct is ongoing; whether the conduct can be investigated efficiently and within the statute of limitations period; and whether other authorities, including federal or state agencies or regulators, might be better suited to investigate the conduct.
examining "the egregiousness of the defendant's conduct based
War assumes a significant, but potentially legitimate, risk of collateral damage because of the egregiousness of the injuria that justifies recourse to a large quantum of force.
Discouraging Egregious Violations The uncertainty inherent in standards may also serve as a way of calibrating enforcement to the egregiousness of the potential violation.
133) Other states require courts to focus on the wrongfulness of defendants' conduct rather than on harm to their families, and thus forbid consideration of a defendant's children altogether unless relevant to the egregiousness of their parent's criminal conduct.
Although Walther may not have had our modern era appreciation of the significant differences in power between a pastor and the parishioner he is counseling, Stephan's conduct was so extreme it is difficult to believe Walther did not understand the egregiousness of the conduct.
The fines are handed down based on level of egregiousness of the violation.
Instead, I find that the regime has erred and has trodden the path of egregiousness and crime.
The potential size of a favorable verdict varies depending on multiple factors including length of the marriage, the egregiousness of the defendant's conduct and the length of time over which it has occurred, the conduct of the plaintiff during the marriage, and actual damages such as medical or psychological treatment costs and loss of income, in addition to humiliation and emotional harm among others.