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Egotists occasionally hire highly-qualified professionals to make them look and feel good.
Yes, there are some windbags, incompetents, bullies and egotists in politics.
Chapters cover different individual types with flaws that can induce mind-crunching headaches, including aggressors, egotists, borderlines (those who appear rational but may explode at any moment), sufferers/martyrs, and rigid control freaks.
This year, Maggie's still plugging away cluelessly, getting hit on by egotists such as Orlando Bloom and Daniel Radcliffe, while Andy helplessly watches his workplace comedy ``When the Whistle Blows'' transformed into junk worse than ``According to Jim.
Those with a foot in both camps are generally egotists horrendously under-qualified for one aspect and, when it all ends in tears, soon end up doing neither.
Remember you ungrateful egotists, the chance to pull on a Scotland jersey, at any level, shouldn't be sacrificed for a snooze on a foreign sunbed
Josh Swensen is a brilliant but shy 17-year-old high school student who connects with other teens through a Web site he writes under the moniker "Larry," which gives Josh the chance to voice his many opinions on politics, ecology, egotists, celebrities, and the tsunami of commercialism.
One of the reasons I left reporting was that I noticed journalists were being replaced by egotists.
Some may be egotists who can't accept the fact that they can learn from others.
Chesterton "The nice thing about egotists is that they don't talk about other people.
People are starving for faith in themselves and in one another, faith that we are not innately depraved, that we are not inevitably sleazy, self-seeking egotists.
He is the most unassuming manager in a World Cup full of swaggering characters and egotists.
If radical adjustments are not effected, if our children are brought up as pure egotists -- forgetful of the plight of vast hordes of people throughout the world, and even in our own affluent nations -- if economic, social, political perspectives are not revised to harmonize with what it means to be fully human, then there is little hope for humanity.
Instead of skipping past tidbits like these, Vidal underlines them, reiterating a great truth about history: it unfolds not according to the careful reasoning of statesmen but through the deeds of teeth-clicking egotists like Roosevelt and religiously political (or politically religious) men like McKinley.
JOSE MOURINHO has suggested Cristiano Ronaldo is a self-centred egotist - and he hates egotists because they think of themselves more than they think of him.