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in an egotistical manner


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With a global treasure like Lascaux you can't egotistically keep it to yourself," said Senator Bernard Cazeau, president of the Conseil General of Dordogne, which organized the travelling exhibit.
The Trend Secretary-General accused Fatfat and other pro-Hariris of acting egotistically amid words of praise for the Maronite patriarch.
THIS egotistically bloated followup to Fantasy Football was built on the notion of David Baddiel and Frank Skinner in front of an audience, improvising.
While politicians and international bodies haphazardly and egotistically play catch-up with the challenges of the present, political systems all over the world are crumbling; a trend that even affects the democracies.
I really do, and I'm honestly not saying that in any way egotistically.
The Bucket List that I had egotistically decided was to be mine and Edward's would not be.
But the perspective that egotistically remains only expression of historicity, of determinate spatial-temporal particularisms--fixed once and for all in such finiteness--is not authentic interpretation.
What narks us is that some are just along for the ride, Private Walker-like spivs beaming egotistically as they nonchalantly light cigars with pounds 50 notes.
other, discriminate against one another, and behave fully egotistically.
In this story, Princess Claire egotistically desires all for herself and looks forward to all the paraphernalia of Christmas.
Perhaps somewhat egotistically, Barton apparently likens himself to a biblical prophet who has been ordained by God to rebuild the religious foundations of the nation.