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an intense and irresistible love for yourself and concern for your own needs

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JONATHAN asks whether we want a political hack who has sold him or herself over a long political career or a self-financing egomaniac.
Why are we so captivated by the spectacle of over-paid, attentionseeking egomaniacs, usually only interested in individual glory, pretending to care about being a humble cog in a team?
Cardiff's Coal Exchange had never seen anything like it, well, not since the last meeting of egomaniacs (un)anonymous anyway.
In truth it does matter because there is nothing more calculated to make life impossible for ordinary citizens or businesses than the stupid egomaniacs who sometimes become politicians and local government officers.
People like Chick set the bar so high that anyone who thinks they can do as well or better are just egomaniacs,'' Sunderland said.
I FEEL sorry for gay Brian the Ryan Air steward, locked in the Big Brother house with that bunch of screaming egomaniacs and schemers.
They have about 30 multi-millionaire egomaniacs to deal with on a daily basis - I only have to deal with eight egomaniacs.
It was wonderful to hear him talk about God and it makes a nice change from all the egomaniacs we read about.
If I had to deal daily with a bunch of overpaid egomaniacs who'd never done a proper day's work in their lives, then think I'd start throwing things around dressing rooms too.
There are, no doubt, many entertainment industry egomaniacs who think about staging brazenly gaudy tributes to themselves, but only Michael Jackson has the gall to do it.
If I was a Napoli fan I'd be worried because English football has a history of chucking egg into the faces of Italian egomaniacs who gloat too soon (check out Silvio Berlusconi cracking open the half-time champagne in Istanbul 2005).
Separately, the girls learn - gasp - that reactionary egomaniacs don't make the most reliable lovers but guys who commune with their stallions can be pretty hot ones.