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Why do they put their egomaniacal desire to be "taken seriously" over common sense?
Along the way there is also a hilarious and over-the-top portrait of an egomaniacal theater creator/producer named Willy Ilium, the perfect parodic combination of self-styled artist and lecher, whose sexual double entendres toward Hana are cringe-inducing.
Mutanabbi's egomaniacal nature seems to have got him in trouble several times and might be why he was killed.
There can't be a more unfortunate career choice than cooking for hungry, sweaty and egomaniacal chefs and waiters.
Skin Deep is a comedy operetta set in the Swiss plastic surgery clinic of the egomaniacal cosmetic genius Doktor Needlemeier, whose slogan is: 'Putting right what nature got wrong'.
the Defense Information School instructor took on a role enhanced by his military bearing and confidence: Gaston, Belle's egomaniacal suitor.
It's a daunting and egomaniacal fiction to talk about the writer's life or the process of writing while believing in one's uniqueness; I prefer to think of myself as part of a loosely based community that shares the same labor and mission.
What would sound like egomaniacal bombast from any other candidate sounded natural from him.
He knows he has inherited a shambolic economy and a country with few friends due to the reviled foreign policy of his once egomaniacal, now bowed, predecessor whose neoimperialist ambitions have turned to ashes.
Americans dont [sic] need him de-stabilizing our wrote ''Stan'' on a CNN blog, and talk radio host Bill Press called Nader a ''colossal, misguided, egomaniacal nut case.
But this modest term hardly conveys a real sense of his curatorial endeavors, whose "controlled chaos" (Szeemann's phrase) might productively be traced back to his brief career in theater during the 1950s, which included a renowned transvestite act and an homage to Dadaist Hugo Ball before ending with his egomaniacal one-man production of Ur faust in 1956 (yes, Szeemann played all the roles himself).
Soon, however, the ship's egomaniacal captain and his bizarre crew--an eclectic group that includes a strangely disturbed doctor, a few experienced but volatile sailors, a mysterious three-handed Muslim, and the bewildered Kane--begin to learn something about the tantalizing goals and diabolical challenges that await them.
During his time on the dais Monday, Mayweather's egomaniacal spirit was on full display.
It may be a memoir and you may have never heard of Jen Lancaster--but that doesn't mean you should consider BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK: CONFESSIONS OF A CONDESCENDING, EGOMANIACAL, SELF-CENTERED SMART-ASS as un-notable: indeed, it's one of the most refreshing comedy memoirs on the market today
LOVABLE, unlovable, wicked, vain, altruistic, egomaniacal, funny--all of these describe Vidal in the interviews he's given over the years.