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Synonyms for egoism

Synonyms for egoism

(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare in the basis of morality

concern for your own interests and welfare

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As rational egoists, we want to live in a world where people are kind and considerate unless they have good reason not to be.
So even as an analytic device the psychological egoist position by itself seems to be difficult to uphold as a cogent doctrine.
Egoists are typically modeled as prone to lying, cheating, and stealing their way through life, if they can get away with it (and in some game-theoretic set-ups, even when they can't).
A similar strategy could be adopted by ethical egoists.
Moreover, it seems to be a good attempt to solve the puzzle of Socrates making statements about human motivation that sounds egoists while framing an ethical theory that describes the virtuous agent as one with high moral standards.
The egoists can still engage in exploitation of non-egoists.
That's kind of an actor's dream, because by our nature we're all massive egoists.
Twitter sounds like an egoists dream, charting your daily life and poetry and inner schemes, as if anybody would be really interested, unless it was the fluent and brilliant ramblings of Stephen Fry.
In fact, Steven Sanders claims that egoists have a greater concern for the well-being of their friends because in the end a well-off friend is advantageous to the self.
Thus, egoists, unable to compromise, failed a negotiated cabinet system.
While Boston Legal is at its best when centered on these two egoists, and slightly floundered when it took attention away too much, its formula works as the absurdities extend to other characters and dramatic plotlines.
It could be that this model misspecifies the behavior of subjects by including egoists with altruists.
Price argues that such egoism is not of much interest to leadership theory because corrupt egoists do not recognise (either at all or adequately) the moral claims of leadership.
BUSH and Blair were warned that an attack on Iraq would create the present situation but these super egoists thought they knew better.
This paper disputes the common belief that egoists cannot enjoy genuine and worthwhile friendships.