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Synonyms for egoism

Synonyms for egoism

(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare in the basis of morality

concern for your own interests and welfare

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In fact, Steven Sanders claims that egoists have a greater concern for the well-being of their friends because in the end a well-off friend is advantageous to the self.
While Boston Legal is at its best when centered on these two egoists, and slightly floundered when it took attention away too much, its formula works as the absurdities extend to other characters and dramatic plotlines.
The host asked me to read a passage where the members of Congress were described as "535 egoists superglued to corporate interests who get to kick around the great questions of war and peace," to take just part of the lavishly insulting passage.
It could be that this model misspecifies the behavior of subjects by including egoists with altruists.
Price argues that such egoism is not of much interest to leadership theory because corrupt egoists do not recognise (either at all or adequately) the moral claims of leadership.
BUSH and Blair were warned that an attack on Iraq would create the present situation but these super egoists thought they knew better.
Sorokin defines love as a "life-giving force," citing studies indicating that altruists live longer than egoists do.
Rather than launching a direct attack upon the rational egoists by claiming that what they have in mind for humanity is not in its best interest, Dostoevsky digs deeper by attacking with a question rather than a declaration: what are our best interests?
They also do not acknowledge that these egoists did indeed usher economic progress while traditional societies--one of which is their favored biblical society--remained in underdeveloped misery.
Whereas advocates of natural rights viewed liberty as more moral than other systems, egoists such as Tucker believed that liberty would enable people to pursue their self-interest more successfully.
They are both ruthless and obsessive egoists, troubling figures of a variety that has always appealed to his imagination.
That such hoodlums and egoists should then spend their time criticizing Freemasonry is a reflection of how utterly incapable they are of assessing the morality and spiritual integrity of others.
PLC Deputy Noel Periera Majano said, "We still have here a lot of mines that require the work of those members of the army, it's not that we are egoists, but we have to evaluate our own needs.
He appears to assume that the egoists of economic models will never find it in their interests to follow moral rules voluntarily, but does not say why.