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Synonyms for egoism

Synonyms for egoism

(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare in the basis of morality

concern for your own interests and welfare

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In other words, Hetty sees herself as a part of a story that is unconnected with reality, a misconception wrought by her egoism and narrow imagination.
Egoism is becoming the only game in town, paving the way for anomie.
The SSU said that during the past 10 years, they had seen a shift from 'we' to 'me', an increasing egoism with clear effects.
While fasting does bring certain benefits to our physical well-being, it is, for Christians, primarily a means of mortifying our egoism, avoiding sin, and opening our hearts to the Love of God and our fellow man.
The members have taught [ the outgoing team of] the Anil Kumble- Javagal Srinath group a lesson for their arrogance and egoism," Pai said.
The egoism, cruelty, and cynicism expressed here fittingly bring to a close a book that strives to capture an edgy, dangerous, volatile society struggling under corruption and, frequently, disregard for the well-being of other people.
Among the entries are analog and binary utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham, Christianity, cooperative utilitarianism, egoism, evolutionary theory, Michel Foucault, the harm principle, infinite utility, intergenerational justice, John Locke, motive utilitarianism, objective list theory, perfectionism, poor laws, rational choice theory, Adam Smith, Harriet Taylor, and value theory.
This egoism plays out in the video, as his character is nothing close to a "gentleman.
While reminiscences of past mission endeavor, were swarming with pride and egoism generated by Western colonialism, what justifies the proposal for "reclaiming" mission as Christian imperative?
The national event buries individual egoism, and in turn gives birth to collective egoism reminding every Libyan of higher unity to which he/she belongs and the necessity of unifying his/her life with that of others.
It's assumed that, with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, composers, painters, filmmakers and the like outgrow the brash egoism that often characterizes more youthful work.
Ever since the beginning of philosophical time, egoism or egocentrism has suffered a bad reputation.
There are loads of bilateral disputes in Europe, some of them are truly difficult and cannot be solved for years, Hristo Ivanovski comments for Dnevnik adding that they are proof of our imperfection, perhaps of our vanity or egoism, or hatred toward the neighbor.
She was an ardent proponent of reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge against faith and religion, rejected ethical altruism and embraced ethical egoism and rational approach to life, and condemned use of force in politics.
One can only perceive that the so-called 'journalist' knew how to tweak Hamilton's egoism and vanity and thus manufacture himself a story on the cheap - but no doubt one that earned him a few pennies in more than a few places.