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Egocentricity, Post-Egocentricity and Pre-Relativism are referred to as simple epistemological perspectives because they are characterized by centering (me, my environment) and concreteness (units based on particular experience).
The self focus sentence completion: A study of egocentricity.
Differences of a moderate magnitude were also observed in Antisocial Features, Alcohol Problems, Drug Problems, Suicidal Ideation, and Dominance, as well as in the subscales Activity level, Irritability, Hypervigilance, Persecution, Psychotic Experiences, Self-Harm, and Egocentricity, with the Chilean participants always scoring higher.
Egocentricity that sufficed in a marriage without children no longer works when the exponential increase in life demands begins.
Egocentricity is another reason why they want to keep such VVIP protocols, besides security.
To me he seemed to have more of a child's elementary sense of justice, and with it, perhaps, a child's touch of egocentricity and petulance.
Anxiety, egocentricity and rigidity: Desperate need to regain sense of control, demands for attention, exaggerated responses to the need to re-establish predictability in their lives.
egocentricity as a writer is alien to her, and it's against her principles" (Imagining Characters 184).
What emerges is an extraordinary story that touches on Maori myth and legend, and tensions within Victorian social order as much as the egocentricity of individuals and their scientific aspirations.
As with the other roles I've discussed, I wanted to create an arc, a progression for my character, and my Lear had farther to fall when he, fueled by years of egocentricity and self-absorption, convinces himself that Cordelia has betrayed him.
In some circumstances, however, this may lead to gross mistakes (called egocentricity bias in the emotional domain EEB), to avoid them cerebral mechanisms are activated about which still little is known.
The second consideration is, that every crime in one way or another bears a mark of egocentricity.
While it is true they represent only a fraction of the population, soldiers can be just as capable of displays of egocentricity and avarice as the larger citizenry from which they are culled.
The original developers of the scale proposed that the PPI consists of eight subscales assessing: impulsive nonconformity, blame externalization, Machiavellian egocentricity, carefree nonplanfulness, stress immunity, social potency, fearlessness, and coldheartedness (Lilienfeld & Andrews 1996).
Egocentricity means that, for payoffs that are unequal, I prefer that I get the larger payoff rather than someone else get it.