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Synonyms for egocentric

Synonyms for egocentric

concerned with the person rather than with society

a conceited, self-centered person

Synonyms for egocentric

a self-centered person with little regard for others


Related Words

limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs

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What "dialectical" prose does is to reproduce egocentric speech: it puts us in the midst of our difficulties.
Our attitude toward the risk, even the surety, of error is itself properly subject to egocentric reflection; Foley recommends an attitude of insolence.
This is in contrast to the immersed perspectives provided by the more egocentric views.
This allows egocentric memories to be involuntarily re-experienced - resulting in more flashbacks.
Or did Martin just bust one of the most egocentric moves known to the most casual of concert observers?
35pm There's never a dull moment with egocentric Robbie Williams and his performance and Ross' banter is bound to be entertaining.
Why can't this greedy, egocentric little princess stop thinking about herself for once and start thinking about people less fortunate than her?
This Saturday's egocentric extravaganza features the talents of local heroes Les Calvert and Jay Lee Lloyd, and will be delighting in its decadence till 4am.
Dorothy Day, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Thomas Merton, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Schweitzer: a rogue's gallery of egocentric charlatans.
An easy criticism of the project could be that it's simplistic, egocentric, exhausting, repetitive, endless.
I can think of plenty of more insecure, egocentric and less talented managers than O'Neill who would have sidelined such a big figure as Keane and soaked up the glory themselves.
Melbourne, July 9 (ANI): Wikipedians have slammed a report that found them to be egocentric introverts, socially awkward, and closed to new ideas.
I served as a soldier in the Second World War and consider it ill-fated that history always repeats itself, in asmuch as egocentric politicians emerge to upset the balance in society.
In the US the rasping rapper has been causing "unsurpassed hysteria" so this egocentric anthem could be a hit.
Kuitca's more introspective vision has resulted in an increasingly poetic yet egocentric work, in which communication and interpretation become more difficult and therefore freer.