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Synonyms for egocentric

Synonyms for egocentric

concerned with the person rather than with society

a conceited, self-centered person

Synonyms for egocentric

a self-centered person with little regard for others


Related Words

limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs

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By the monotonicity assumption, indifference curves of the egocentric altruism model are downward sloping everywhere.
But it only shows that the perspective of agape is better than the egocentric perspective.
Egocentric speech is generally outgrown by the age of six or seven, becoming more idiosyncratic and less comprehensible to a listener and finally disappearing.
It follows a protagonist who grapples with several egocentric problems, journeying from self-centered, perverted myrmidon to become a self-aware and productive member of society.
The local Charleston Daily Mail praised the decision, arguing that "Americans cherish the freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution, but the thoroughly egocentric exercise of those rights becomes tiresome.
But I find his overstatement of the "common ground" high school to be disturbingly egocentric.
If there's an egocentric company in the lot, it's probably the Bronfmans' Edper Enterprises, the holding company for subsidiaries including Brascan and merchant bank Hees International.
Zeroing in on how a society views art and how artists produce art objects, the author begins in near nihilism, but ends on a somewhat positive note as she challenges artists, art educators and the art market to move from an egocentric to a social and ecological basis for creative efforts.
It is quite sad to have to accept that an egocentric expression I recall from far-off service days now springs all too readily and perhaps appropriate to mind: " .
There were less egocentric fools blocking the junction, as can be seen in the photograph.
Such an egocentric, narrow-minded character clearly needs a chance to reach pensionable age in order to understand how offensive his post-holiday rant is to anyone with a modicum of sympathy.
The process of selecting the new superintendent of LAUSD is too important to allow it to be hijacked by a man of the questionable egocentric character of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
An egocentric culture sees time as belonging to you.
motivated by collective considerations as well as egocentric concerns'.
By contrast, the contemporary works, especially those of the hard-line Conceptualists, sometimes seemed complacently caught up in a cartographic paradigm that might best be described as the egocentric view of the world (e.