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(psychoanalysis) the part of the ego that contains an ideal of personal excellence toward which a person strives

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1) Retroactivity (temporality), ideal ego, and ego ideal are brought together in Lacan's (2006) graph of desire.
According to Freud in The Ego and the Id, shame becomes unavoidable because the formation of the ego ideal replaces the longing for the father after the Oedipal stage: "It is easy to show that the ego ideal answers to everything that is expected of the higher nature of man.
One virtue of this chapter is that it clearly exemplifies the framework Penney has laid out in Chapter One, so that the reader can appreciate the analytic power that comes from distinguishing between the ego ideal and the imaginary version of objet a in the defiles of desire.
The "truth of the Oedipus complex," Zizek tells us, is that it functions normally and accomplishes "its job of the child's integration into the socio-symbolic order" only when the identity of the father as Ego Ideal with that of the superego agent of prohibition "remains concealed.
This kind of internalization is implied in his discussion of the ego ideal and superego, but not as a simple modelling process because narcissistic dynamics initially dominate the process and are always present.
This chapter begins with a discussion of Keats's "Grecian Urn," in which Johnson astutely concludes that "the ego ideal of the poetic voice would seem, then, to reside in the muteness of things.
The superego tells us what to do; the ego ideal gives us a model to emulate.
Eventually, these parental attitudes are cathected, and the child become capable of self-shaming, through internal discourse with the ego ideal.
Freud viewed the ego ideal as the striving of an individual to recover some of the narcissistic perfection enjoyed in childhood: "What he projects before him as his ideal is the substitute for the lost narcissism of his childhood in which he was his own ideal" (Freud, 1914/1984, p.
The ego ideal of the good director is one of upholding personal responsibility.
Holland's interpretation multiplies the Poe persona, so that, under the aegis of Poe as ego ideal, Baudelaire's aristocratic, Masochian, modernist cynicism resolves itself in borderline narcissism.
He then presents the findings from his study of the interviews by considering the development of the ideal self, the ego ideal and adaptational styles.
His particular focus on stress led to elaborating the concept of self-esteem as a product of the gap between the self-image (the mental picture one has of oneself at any given time) and the ego ideal (the mental picture of oneself at one's future best.
With great sensitivity Meissner discusses the long and difficult process by which Ignatius forged his complex new ego ideal, that of a follower of Christ.
Our relation with the stars is constitutionally nonreciprocated; in King of Comedy--the ur text of the abject fan--we watch in horror as Rupert Pupkin and Sandra Bernhard insist that the Jerry Lewis character return their intimate feelings toward him, having insanely exchanged their mutilated egos for identification with him as their image of wholeness, their ego ideal.