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(psychoanalysis) the part of the ego that contains an ideal of personal excellence toward which a person strives

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The "truth of the Oedipus complex," Zizek tells us, is that it functions normally and accomplishes "its job of the child's integration into the socio-symbolic order" only when the identity of the father as Ego Ideal with that of the superego agent of prohibition "remains concealed.
This kind of internalization is implied in his discussion of the ego ideal and superego, but not as a simple modelling process because narcissistic dynamics initially dominate the process and are always present.
The personality traits contributing to openness operate on the first level through the ego's navigation of (1) a realignment of the twin ideals of ego ideal (yearning for perfection) and ideal ego (inflated sense of self, and (2) successive deintegrations (Fordham) to accommodate newly consolidated growth.
enabled him to integrate the derivatives of his powerful narcissism, his stifled and conflicted aggression, and his repressed but rebellious sexual and libidinal drives in a way that was consistent with his ego ideal and formed the basis for the articulation of his saintly and spiritual identity.
This chapter begins with a discussion of Keats's "Grecian Urn," in which Johnson astutely concludes that "the ego ideal of the poetic voice would seem, then, to reside in the muteness of things.
The ego ideal of the good director is one of upholding personal responsibility.
With great sensitivity Meissner discusses the long and difficult process by which Ignatius forged his complex new ego ideal, that of a follower of Christ.