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Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips

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Your task has been too hard for you," said the Queen kindly, as she placed the drooping flower in the urn Eglantine had given, "you will see how this dew from a sweet, pure heart will give new life and loveliness even to this poor faded one.
he] knew nothing more shaming and tedious in the literature of [his] contemporaries and near-contemporaries than the maudlin neo-Hellenist cult of the ephebe, with middle-aged men like Wilde and Gide tastefully salivating over sleeping youths and making mawkish comparisons with asphodels and eglantines (Adair, 43).
Tras sus intervenciones como patinadora en el Palais de Glace actuo en Londres en el Palace Theatre con la compania de la Eglantines.
Contract notice: Mastery of mission work for the energy transition of 82 collective housing - eglantines the residences - the ferns in creil.
Contract notice: Mission coordination and general animation, preliminary mission to launch a work program, and monitoring mission animation opah dahlias for condominiums, eglantines and ferns in merignac.