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Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips

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Table 1: Analysis of variance of the effect of culture medium and different BA and IBA concentrations on the number and height of produced shoots from axillary bud of eglantine (Rosa foetida).
LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE (PG, 97 mins) YOUNG barn owl Soren (Jim Sturgess) and chick sister Eglantine (Adrienne DeFaria) hang on the every word of father Noctus (HugoWeaving) when he tells them about the guardians of their feathered kind.
Young barn owl Soren and his chick sister Eglantine hang on the every word of their father, Noctus, and his tales of the legendary guardians who have protected their kind for generations.
Screening in most cinemas in 3D, it tells the story of impressionable young barn owl Soren (Jim Sturgess) and his chick sister Eglantine (Adrienne DeFaria) who hang on the every word of their father, Noctus (Hugo Weaving), when he tells them about the legendary guardians who have protected their feathered kind for generations.
Noctus (Hugo Weaving) tells his offspring Soren (Jim Sturgess) and his chick sister Eglantine (Adrienne DeFaria) all about the legendary guardians, their unseen protectors for generations.
On arrival, the loathsome housekeeper, Mrs Eglantine, greets him with a stony face.
The results of the spirits judging follow surprise wins in the IWSC northern hemisphere wine judging earlier this year, including a bronze medal for the first ever release from a new Welsh winery - Ancre Hill Estates in the Wye valley - and a silver (best in class) for the Eglantine Vineyard North Star from Nottinghamshire.
This is another of the poems about reaching contact with faeries in nature: the speaker wishes to withdraw into "a little Druid wood," with a stream, hazel trees, eglantine, and white owls; there the faeries sing and dance, as men have seen them.
Chapter three--'Theatrical Oligarchies'--opens the door to the world of John Larpent, Examiner of Plays from 1778 until his death in 1824, through a study of his second wife's diary and two banned plays: Cumberland's Richard the Second (1792) and Lady Eglantine Wallace's The Whim (1795), both intended for productions in provincial theatres.
Indeed, those beds and bowers Be overgrown with bitter weeds and rue, And wait thy weeding; yet here's eglantine, Here's ivy
In honor of her accession "were Eglantine / And wreathes of Roses red and white put on" (40-41).
Yougthes folke now flocken in every where, To gather may buskets and smelling brere: And home they hasten the postes to dight, And all the Kirke pillours eare day light, With Hawthorne buds, and swete Eglantine, And girlonds or roses and Sopps in wine.
Eglantine Pujol'" (1869); her image, with its elegant but unostentatious dress, is a typical representation of a 19th-century bourgeoise.
O'er paths and fields In all that neighborhood, through narrow lanes Of eglantine, and through the shady woods, And o'er the Border Beacon and the waste Of naked pools and common crags that lay Exposed on the bare fell, was scattered love--A spirit of pleasure, and youth's golden gleam.
In the latter, the villains Lysiart and Eglantine have greater depth and interest than the virtuous Euryanthe and Adolar.