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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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Plenty of women will identify with the chaos thrown at Kate as she attempts to keep all those plates in the air, eggy bread in hair and baby sick on their best work suit.
Shooting Stars (BBC Two Wales, tomorrow, 10pm) * WE still haven't recovered from the sight of Amazonian actress Brigitte Nielsen being terrified by a down and out, string-vested Santa Claus called Eggy John in the first episode, proving this latest series of Shooting Stars has lost none of its surreally silly past form.
While she has dreams of going abroad, they end up going to the Pearl of Prestatyn caravan park and talking about eggy bread and sat navs and singing the theme to The One Show.
Eggy is composed of two speakers magnetically attached to each other, which looks similar to an egg.
Eggy bread has many different names, such as French Toast, Gypsy Bread or even Poor Knights of Windsor
French toast: good bread, not too eggy, syrup (although I doubt real, but where does serve real any more?
Eggy says: "I acted in my school for four years and got two lead roles and did two school plays.
We'd do these emotional scenes together, and sometimes afterward one of us would say, `Wow, that felt eggy,' like, you know, we had egg on our face,'' Blanchett says.
Devastated Belinda Oaten, aged 38, was plunged into "unimaginable horror" by the disclosures -but went on to automatic pilot, and carried on making eggy bread for their children, before eventually fleeing to Austria.
P eggy is also a very strong stayer and gives owner James Ferncombe and trainer Peter Cronin an excellent chance of landing the prize of E4,500.
CRACKING FACTS THINGS MORE LIKELY LY L TO HAPPEN Michelle had a one in a billion chance of her eggy discovery.
Silent Witness actress Amanda Burton, until that point the most credible of the bunch, was inexplicably reduced to tears because John and Gregg praised her eggy brioche.
Ordinarily I'd suggest sausage that was square and a handful of Ramsay's Ayrshire rolled bacon, but there is an elegant simplicity to the egg, in all its eggy glory.
The album entitled LISBON (Live In Session, Bill's Old Nocturnes), is headed up by Bill Campbell (formerly of bands Bo Weevills, The Eggy, Coconut Mat), featuring Dave Willetts and Maurice Redhead, Kevin Dempsey (Bo Weevills, Dando Shaft, Whippersnapper, Et Al), Bill Bates (The Mood, The Eggy, Vehicle), Martin Barter (Coconut Mat, Area 51, Shkayla), Russ Aldridge(Ray White Band), Gordon Stansfield (Gazelles, Bo Weevill's, Alkie, Cool Dudes), Jim Wallace (The Zodiacs),Clive Ryder(Salmontails, Newbold, Clive & Matt Ryder), Matt Ryder (Dirtbox,Clive & Matt Ryder) and Mick Barwell (session folk musician).
Dr Gasper will outline the eggy dispute between the two monasteries of Cluny and Clairvaux in France.