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the exterior covering of a bird's egg

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The new Evershield exterior eggshell paint now uses the same resin technology as Evershield exterior low sheen, semi-gloss and gloss paint.
Prime the surface with a coat of white oil-based eggshell paint and allow to dry.
This eco-functional, exterior 100 percent acrylic eggshell paint lowers external wall temperature, allowing homeowners and building operators to minimize air conditioning usage and save money on utility bills.
You could also paint the outside of your bath - try Fired Earth acrylic eggshell paint Duck Egg 750ml, pounds 13.
If you're the creative type, you could get a similar look on a budget with some secondhand furniture and a few coats of eggshell paint for wood.
19 Eco Exterior Eggshell paint, pounds 19 for 750ml and pounds 47 per 2.
Unify any un matched pieces by painting them in the same colour of eggshell paint to bring them bang up to date.
Dingy white walls received two coats of eggshell paint and now glow a soft Tuscan yellow.
Both colours are also available in water based eggshell paint, pounds 9.
Both colours are also available in water-based eggshell paint, pounds 9.
But if the room does not become too steamy when in use, you might get away with emulsion rather than gloss or eggshell paint.
To colour this 'scumble' add half a part of eggshell paint in the colour of your choice.
Source from wine merchants who often sell them cheaply as gift packaging, or search online | Emulsion or eggshell paint | Drill | Eight 1.