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the exterior covering of a bird's egg

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Zinc, copper and manganese are vital to realize optimal performance, particularly in layers, as these trace minerals have specific roles in metabolic activities directly related to eggshell formation.
The aim of this study was to develop prediction equations to predict the total, palisade and cone thickness of eggshell layers from destructive and nondestructive properties instead of the high costs needed to inspect the ultrastructure of eggshell using scanning electron microscope (SEM) technique.
Picking up on eggshell pigments could help scientists color in the details of dinosaurs' nesting habits.
Dutch researchers have found a highly positive effect of eggshell calcium on bone mineral density.
Selection pressures that shape eggshell appearance may range from the obvious--such as crypsis and protection from UV-B radiation--to the unexpected, such as sexual selection, blackmail for parental care, defense against microbes, and more (Cassey et al.
A single eggshell weighing six grams yields around 2,200 mg of calcium.
Apart from that, eggshell waste has no economic value and most of it has to be discarded to the landfills without any processing.
Kinetic and isotherm study of cupper adsorption from aqueous solution using waste eggshell, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 22(02): 132-140.
It took two coats of the $95 eggshell finish in white to do what the top-rated Behr satin did in one.
Step 4: Using a teaspoon, fill EeAaAuAaEeA of eggshell with seed-raising mix and sprinkle seeds on top.
Ribeiro and his colleagues found the eggshell fragments at two separate sites, both of which were part of the Lourinh Formation, a geological formation known for its rich Jurassic dinosaur nest sites.
An eggshell is what remains when two different pairs of identical consonants are removed from a word.
Dunn-Edwards has launched an improved version of its Evershield premium exterior flat, velvet and eggshell paint.
ESM Technologies, Carthage, MO, a supplier of commercialized eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, has announced that products containing its flagship ingredient, NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane), have been approved and granted licenses by Health Canada, and have been issued Natural Product Numbers (NPNs).
Ask your adult helper to crack and clean the eggshell for you.