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Synonyms for eggs

oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food

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Try the local bread, honor the York butter, test the freshness of a new and neighboring egg.
that all true believers break their eggs at the convenient end.
I HAVE tasted eggs, certainly,' said Alice, who was a very truthful child; `but little girls eat eggs quite as much as serpents do, you know.
Now I have Nagaina to settle with, and she will be worse than five Nags, and there's no knowing when the eggs she spoke of will hatch.
He said he loved eggs and ducklings; he should be proud to see a fine nestful in his wood-shed.
Coming from eggs in which they have lain for five years, the period of incubation, they step forth into the world perfectly developed except in size.
You gave me your most solemn word of honour that they were not eggs.
I didn't mean the egg was WELL boiled," corrected Freddy, "because in point of fact she forgot to take it off, and as a matter of fact I don't care for eggs.
It made our mouths water to hear him talk about the things, and we handed him out the stove and the frying-pan and all the eggs that had not smashed and gone over everything in the hamper, and begged him to begin.
Then up she flew; deserting her eggs, so as to make her meaning clear.
That was because they rolled eggs at us," replied the King, with a shudder.
Yes," explained Ghek, "all of us are from Luud's eggs, just as all the swarm of Moak are from Moak's eggs.
It buried its eggs two feet deep, depending on the heat of the sun for the hatching.
The waiters reported that they objected to their breakfasts, and especially to the eggs.
Down the warm stream from the pool floated the countless billions of eggs and tadpoles, developing as they drifted slowly toward the sea.