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an intellectual

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It will see Vine scouring the UK for one male and one female contestant to join the brainy Eggheads line-up.
GAME show contestant James Robinson vowed to carry on quizzing after making a little piece of history on Eggheads last night.
ONE of TV'S Eggheads has revealed he spent three years on the streets.
Bill Murphy, President of Egghead said: "We are extremely excited to have someone of Shaun's caliber on our team.
This year's 'eggstravaganza' will see children entertained by a raft of fun-packed activities including professional storytellers, face painters and a dedicated play area, while Cadbury is throwing down the gauntlet to talented young artists to help design its next range of EggHeads.
FOR a quiz showthat revolves around a teamof professional geeks pitting their intellect against a teamof fledgling wannabe geeks, Eggheads, somewhat surprisingly, has a lot of loyal followers.
But on the whole, there was more positive response than there was negative response," says Joanne Sperans Hartzell, vice president, corporate communications for Egghead.
With $515 million in sales in 1999, Egghead was the third largest Internet retailer behind Aniazon.
The first ads were branding ads that pushed the Egghead.
composed of Egghead Computer and its Surplus Direct subsidiary, also reported its financial results last week for the fiscal 1998 third quarter ending Dec.
A BBC spokesman said : "Occasionally we refresh our line up and Make Me an Egghead is an exciting new series which will help us find two new Eggheads.
For each, they pick one of their players to go against an Egghead of their choice and the team with the most successes wins the game.
The Teesside quizzers were left with Phill and Rob in the final having managed to knock out Egghead "Tremendous Knowledge" Dave in the first round.