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dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg


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50 [pounds sterling] on medium-sized eggs such as Kit Kat Chunky; and two for 3 [pounds sterling] on Mars Delight and Kit Kat with an eggcup.
As an example, the wide diffusion in EM IIB of the low-footed goblet or eggcup, a vessel suited to individual use in contrast with the earlier chalice, (71) might be viewed as a later attempt by elites to emphasize personal roles within the established ideology of ceremonial consumption.
This eggcup is funny because I know that it actually looks like me.
She says of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay that "his brain could fit in an eggcup," and she remarks of President Clinton's 1996 inaugural address, "every time the president reached for poetry he got only as high as platitude.
She relishes the fact that congressman Tom DeLay, one of her staunchest critics, was once a pest exterminator and claims that "his brain could fit into an eggcup.
One fine morning when I was breakfasting on a beheaded boiled egg in its eggcup (of white faience finely edged in gilt) the providential anamnesia occurred.
Susheela floral print throw, PS45; pillows from PS12; pillow cases from PS8; cotton bedding range, from PS25; Audrey pre-washed lined headboard cover, PS59; bedding range, from PS12; Nyborg pure wool rug, PS245, all La Redoute There are few things as delicate as an egg, but I think a pretty petal porcelain eggcup is a fair comparison.
99, Kitchen Craft There are few things as delicate as an egg, but I think a pretty petal porcelain eggcup is a fair comparison.
Knows I haven't got an eggcup," shrugged his colleague.
The stories I wrote last are my favourites, Pocillovy is in many ways gentler and less quirky than the rest, telling of the search for a missing eggcup.
A small eggcup with hydrangea blossoms displaying a blown-out, pastel-painted egg labeled with stick-on letters marks the elegant place settings on gold-rimmed chargers with jeweled crown napkin rings.
The Royle Family - The Golden Eggcup stars writers Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash, with Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston and Ralf Little.