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Synonyms for eggbeater

an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades

a mixer for beating eggs or whipping cream


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1999) Analysis of the eggbeater kick used to maintain height in water polo.
When the Eggbeater is eggnapped, Alec and his faithful minions find themselves in a race against time to not destroy a city, but save it.
The eggbeater blades were expected to augment the power produced by a wind turbine.
And while Tesla was an avid reader, he credited his innate imagination to his mother, who often invented appliances, including a mechanical eggbeater, to help her with home and farm work.
Lunch lady Doris catches the children escaping and walks towards them slowly with an eggbeater.
An eggbeater type of hand drill works easily without pinching little fingers.
The sides of the hairs are hydrophobic - in nature, they're covered with wax - which prevents water from touching the leaves and traps air beneath the eggbeater shape at the top.
But it goes too far, this eggbeater poetics; and if the anachronistic terminology ("dude"?
with our clumsy eggbeater minds, our wide-slot toaster eyes
The Darrieus, which resembles an eggbeater, is more efficient, but prone to torque ripple and cyclic stress on the tower, conditions that can hinder reliability.
In her left hand, she holds an egg; her right hand clutches an eggbeater that rests inside a bowl on the table in front of her.
Technically the cilia should have moved the fluid around in a vortex, the way an eggbeater creates whirlpools in a bowl of whipping cream.
Double Dutch is a sport in which two long jump ropes are turned and twisted in eggbeater fashion.
It kind of looks like a canoe with an eggbeater, but it is Capt.