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Synonyms for eggbeater

an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades

a mixer for beating eggs or whipping cream


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When the Eggbeater is eggnapped, Alec and his faithful minions find themselves in a race against time to not destroy a city, but save it.
Consequently, the fact that we have found no significant differences among the playing positions in the same capacity (dynamometric force produced during the eggbeater kick) was somewhat expected.
Water droplets did not penetrate between the hairs, but instead clung to the tops of the eggbeater structures - even when the coating sample was turned on its side to a 90-degree vertical.
Technically the cilia should have moved the fluid around in a vortex, the way an eggbeater creates whirlpools in a bowl of whipping cream.
Double Dutch is a sport in which two long jump ropes are turned and twisted in eggbeater fashion.
It kind of looks like a canoe with an eggbeater, but it is Capt.
Being with her was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain" - Robert Wagner on Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
gt;Details: With a 20-story drop and seats that rotate like an out-of-control eggbeater, the X already was pretty extreme when it opened in 2002.
JOAN Collins looks like she combs her hair with an eggbeater.
Buy a high-quality, hand-cranked eggbeater and a manual can opener.
In oceanic terms, these swirls become individual eddies spinning clockwise or anticlockwise, or pairs of eddies, known as eddy 'dipoles', spinning beside each other in opposite directions like an eggbeater.
This year, instead of accepting an award, he was fitted with a decorative headpiece and instructed to vigorously spin an eggbeater in the direction of a fellow audience member.
Mix the ingredients thoroughly, using an eggbeater or blender.
Remove from the heat and beat with an eggbeater or blend it in a blender until smooth.
If the crew behind A Perfect Murder get their hands on the new version of Psycho, the luckless lady taking a shower would get whisked to death with an eggbeater.