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Decorate or make Easter baskets out of construction paper or egg cartons to hold egg-shaped cookies and give to teachers, friends and grandparents as homemade gifts.
In such a system, two clay spheres represented two bushels of grain and two egg-shaped tokens represented two jars of sesame oil.
Instead of inserting a bank card and tapping in a PIN number, customers can simply walk up to the egg-shaped cash machine and beam the request by mobile.
Surgeons at the University of Missouri in Kansas City recently removed a 7-centimeter-long, tan, egg-shaped bezoar from the stomach of a 35-year-old man who admitted to nibbling and swallowing pieces of polystyrene (Styrofoam) cups.
If your image sensor additionally tells you that the object is 12 inches away, is capped with a 2-inch wide, egg-shaped structure, and is 9 inches tall, you know you have a squirrel -- and an alarm is not generated.
Upon check-in, guests are invited to immerse in W's signature Living Room experience - a vast, ethereal space where egg-shaped chairs suspended from the ceiling and soothing beats and scents seduce them into play.
Evil's egg-shaped escape pod from ``Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,'' a secretary hutch from Alfred Hitchcock's ``North by Northwest'' and a pair of electric chairs from ``Addams Family Values.
AN EGG-SHAPED chair, identical to that used by cult movie villain Dr Evil, fetched more than pounds 2,000 at auction.
for instance, probably incorporates an extra band of hexagons to give the molecule an egg-shaped structure.
The tiny egg-shaped speakers that pack incredible sound designed by London-based Klegg Audio are poised to become a hot commodity among American and Canadian audiophiles beginning in February.
4 Colourful egg-shaped candles make ideal table decorations for your Easter family meals, 99p each, Homebase: 0845 980 1800.
Names written on egg-shaped rocks ``borrowed'' from the park will serve as place cards.