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capable of producing eggs and bearing offspring

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2 million egg-producing chickens, along with 900,000 birds being fattened for their meat.
Before the parents signed a contract, he would make sure I was healthy, my ovaries normal, my egg-producing potential up to standard.
He has received pounds 3,000 to boost his organic egg-producing venture while his 25-year-old his sister, Heledd, has received pounds 2,900 to support her aromatherapy business.
Fourteen-year-old Moi Dafydd from Llanycil, near Bala, has received a pounds 3,000 bursary to boost his organic egg-producing venture while his 25-year-old his sister Heledd has received pounds 2,900 to support her aromatherapy business.
At birth, a woman's ovaries contain about two million egg-producing follicles.
They start in the egg-producing cells of the ovary instead of in the cell lining where nine out of 10 ovarian cancers are found.
They say a landfill and barge terminal should be studied carefully along with other projects proposed in the area, including an egg-producing facility that will house 4 million chickens.
Their concerns can range from whether egg-producing hens have enough space and what they are red, to methods of transporting animals to slaughter.
Like the queen, these workers have six egg-producing organs, whereas smaller workers in the colony have two egg organs.
She spoke out a day after Israeli scientists revealed they had managed to grow egg-producing follicles taken from aborted foetuses.
But this growing popularity has allowed smaller organic family farms to compete with the mechanized egg-producing giants, since they can charge up to twice as much for a dozen eggs.
A new processing wrinkle developed by Agricultural Research Service scientists may allow older, egg-producing layer hens to be processed like broiler birds.
And from an egg-producing standpoint, a company called Pasteurized Egg in New Hampshire has developed what it says is the first FDA-approved process for pasteurizing in-shell eggs, an all-natural pasteurization process that destroys bacteria in eggs.
More than 90 per cent of the 250million egg-producing chickens in Europe are battery hens.
According to Xi Yongmei, a Chinese specialist helping to oversee breeding at the center, Yang Yang and her mate You You are continuing their mating activities and could enter a second egg-producing period as early as the end of the month.