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capable of producing eggs and bearing offspring

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Wu's lab is also working to establish female egg-producing stem cell lines from scarce ovarian tissues derived from follicular aspirates--the leftover cells gathered when a clinician searches a patient for oocytes--that are produced and discarded in in vitro fertilization centers worldwide.
But if you want to branch out into other types of poultry and you are aware that the poultry yard is going to always be dominated first by egg-producing chickens and then meat-producing chickens, and that these other types of poultry have less market appeal, consider reading what Klober has to say.
On egg-producing farms, hen (female chickens) are kept separately from roosters (male chickens).
Some of the biggest egg-producing associations in Europe are starting to see there is no future in cages, while heavyweights like Unilever are placing free-range eggs at the heart of their market,
There is demand in milk and egg powder in the region so that if its supply exceeds Macedonian demand, it can be easily exported," representatives of the egg-producing firm Veze Sari say.
Salmonella was found on 27 egg-producing farms and 9 pig farms.
Before the parents signed a contract, he would make sure I was healthy, my ovaries normal, my egg-producing potential up to standard.
Fourteen-year-old Moi Dafydd from Llanycil, near Bala, has received a pounds 3,000 bursary to boost his organic egg-producing venture while his 25-year-old his sister Heledd has received pounds 2,900 to support her aromatherapy business.
He has received pounds 3,000 to boost his organic egg-producing venture while his 25-year-old his sister, Heledd, has received pounds 2,900 to support her aromatherapy business.
At birth, a woman's ovaries contain about two million egg-producing follicles.
They start in the egg-producing cells of the ovary instead of in the cell lining where nine out of 10 ovarian cancers are found.
They say a landfill and barge terminal should be studied carefully along with other projects proposed in the area, including an egg-producing facility that will house 4 million chickens.
Their concerns can range from whether egg-producing hens have enough space and what they are red, to methods of transporting animals to slaughter.
Like the queen, these workers have six egg-producing organs, whereas smaller workers in the colony have two egg organs.
She spoke out a day after Israeli scientists revealed they had managed to grow egg-producing follicles taken from aborted foetuses.