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full of eggs

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Police have been called in amid their claims that an egg-filled kingfisher nest has been accidentally buried under five feet of rubble by a farmer.
The adult worm will shed the egg-filled segments and these are what you can see in the faeces or around the bottom.
A mutation in a single gene enables mice to retain, egg-filled ovaries into old age (155: 85).
As the children handed green egg-filled plates back to Hastert, I asked Miles Johnson, age 5, what he thought of the food.
It is named for the egg-filled cyst that forms from the body of the female and overwinters in the soil.
Packing fruits, vegetables, or yogurt to eat in the car, getting up 10-15 minutes earlier to eat a healthy breakfast at home, or stopping for bagels or English muffins - instead of filling up on sausage- or egg-filled biscuits - are better approaches to eating and driving.
Living on 1,000 calories might help Paltrow stay movie-star slim but for the rest of us her egg-filled basket simply didn't crack it.