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the yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen


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Authorities stated that the lanes were reopened during mid-afternoon after workers turned the truck upright and cleared the slippery liquid egg yolk from the roadway.
The first objective of scientists at the University of Connecticut was to compare different polysaccharides as coating materials for forming complex nanogels with egg yolk LDLs.
3 Then tip in the egg yolk and pulse again until it looks like a soft dough.
Beat in the egg yolk and add the juice and zest of one of the oranges along with the flour, ground almonds and salt.
In the current experiment, we compared the effect of soy-based extender (25% and 50%) of five adult Holstein-Friesian bulls semen preserved at 4oC for 24 h with conventional egg yolk (control) and synthetic extender.
It is easy to see the luminescence and glow in Alina's work, which she says is due to the use of egg yolk.
The team now hopes to adopt the technique to help rare breeds by taking out the egg yolk.
But new research shows regular consumption of egg yolk -- the yellow part of it -- may have almost the same effect on your heart as smoking.
In other words, compared to age, both tobacco smoking and egg yolk consumption accelerate atherosclerosis.
Ultrasound was used to establish a measurement of total plaque area and questionnaires were filled out regarding their lifestyle and medications including pack-years of smoking (number of packs per day of cigarettes times the number of years), and the number of egg yolks consumed per week times the number of years consumed (egg yolk-years).
Q Is it a good idea to throw out the egg yolk when cooking omelets?
Effects of dried vines powder of sweet potato cultivars 'Hatay Beyazi', 'Hatay Kirmizi' and 'Beauregard' on egg yolk color were determined in layers aged 44-52 week.
Nutritional manipulation of hen diets to include sources of PUFA n-3 promotes deposition of these nutrients into egg yolk [3].