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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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By the end of the study, no differences were found between control group and the olive leaf powder consuming group with respect to egg yield and egg weight (p > 0.
leaf powder on egg yield, quality and egg yolk cholesterol in laying hens.
A FARMER told today of his secret weapon to improve the egg yield of his hens - sheep.
DeVane, although he said he is not entirely convinced that MS-IVF is a cost-effective approach for everybody because of the low egg yield and other factors.
8% YoY), which more than balanced a marginal egg yield decline of 0.