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a sandglass that runs for three minutes

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The bishop did, however, concede that "it's a bit weird when you see a bishop handing you an egg timer.
Start the 4-minute and 7-minute egg timers together.
This year's Oscars producer, Laura Ziskin, also gave useful gifts - 45-second silver egg timers - to all nominees so they could practice timing their acceptance speeches at home.
In spring, a gadget maker's heart turns to thoughts of egg timers.
For example, the "Everything for the Egg" promotion shows retailers how to take the products out of packages and set a display table showing the range of such egg-related items as egg cups, egg toppers and egg timers.
Since Diana's death, fans have paid an estimated pounds 100million worldwide for Diana memorabilia including People's Princess mugs, Diana egg timers and porcelain Diana dolls.
Readers are also introduced to other devices for measuring time, such as egg timers, stopwatches, and kitchen timers; instructions are also given to make a sand timer.
He has built up a collection of more than 100 items, from rolling pins and egg timers to recorders and toothbrushes.
The inquisitive youngster is also pictured playing with egg timers as part of a cookery lesson, right SETTLING IN: Above left are Roxanne Mogareh, on the left, and Sienna Taylor who are learning to use the magnifying glass, and Alby Seplus flashes a smile to show his enjoyment at his hard hat, above right Pictures by PETER HAVING FUN: Kaysha Halliday, above, Charlie Ferguson, left, and Gaga Muyezwa, below HAPPY: Anthony Birdsall with duck puppet, and little Samantha Smith COOKING UP A STORM: Pupils take part in the cookery lesson above left, Alfie Suckling dons his chef's hat, above, and left are Jodie Hindmarsh and Alesha Mwa BRILLIANT BUILDER: Keinan Fiddess plays with the blocks, right, as he tries to build something special
EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female - because, over time, all the weight shifts to the bottom.
EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female because, over time, all the weight shifts to the bottom.