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a sandglass that runs for three minutes

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Adelaide clinic Repromed pioneered the Egg Timer Test, which costs about 70 dollars, to measure the number of eggs a woman has and predict how many child-bearing years she still has.
Sluiter s egg timer harvested the heat energy of the pan in which the egg is boiled.
Thanks to a three-minute egg timer, I find time to meditate.
Meanwhile, the egg timer, which was initially a prop--a slightly hokey formal reinforcement--for this monologue that is in the simplest reading simply about an offering of eggs, has become a trademark of all Vonna-Michell's performances.
The bishop did, however, concede that "it's a bit weird when you see a bishop handing you an egg timer.
When the 7-minute egg timer finishes, turn it over and run it again for another 7 minutes.
This is Los Angeles, where loyalty can often be measured with an egg timer.
BEFORE YOU PLAY Get a timepiece, Such as a clock radio, egg timer or wristwatch.
Keep your phone bills low by setting an egg timer when you start your call.
Of course, the sight he encountered might have caught him off-guard too: a nervous guy in a tuxedo secluded in a dimly-lit holding room with a stack of pages in one hand and an egg timer in the other.
On the return leg of the trip, the suitcase was supposedly empty and she was not quite sure how an egg timer ended up in it.
People don't just wake up in the morning and say, `Today I'm going to buy an egg timer,' " Horn said.
But he only has five minutes to make his case, and the egg timer is ticking (that's $1,666 a click
To help your child brush for the correct amount of time, try setting an egg timer or listening to a song.
Add accessories such as this Kenwood KMix Magenta kitchen machine, from Debenhams, a flour sifter or a soft touch egg timer, both from M&S