egg laying

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the production of eggs (especially in birds)

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These birds demonstrate (1) regular, recurring actions of the head, bill, and body assumed to be associated with contractions, (2) considerable variation in duration of egg laying, and (3) a short recovery phase after the egg is laid (Haftorn 1996).
5 24 [+ or -] 13 event Parameters Drilling Egg laying Total duration (seconds) 146 [+ or -] 40 300 [+ or -] 76 Mean time/behavioral event 79 [+ or -] 21 143 [+ or -] 15 (seconds) Frequency of behavioral 1.
He said hunting of dabchick or goose was in full swing and would conclude on March 15, the day after which the bird start passing through egg laying season.
The latest technology that goes into the manufacturing of Fully Automatic Egg Laying Type Block Machine Model No.
The data were analyzed using a Student's t test to evaluate the treatment effect (selection for egg laying performance) using SAS statistical software (SAS Institute, 2001).
In 2001 and 2003, egg laying began in mid to late May at water temperatures of approximately 18[degrees]C and salinities 14-20 ppt and continued for 11-12 wk.
Four of the compounds, including a common one known as PFOA, triggered the fish to make vitellogenin, a protein normally produced only by female animals during egg laying.
As the athletes run around the new London Stadium, the majority of Europe's 400 million egg laying hens currently caged should be enjoying life outside the battery.
Music from Pantom of the Opera has increased egg laying at a Wirral farm; Steve Ledsham
That was kind of surprising when most of the literature lists grapefruit as a favorite choice for egg laying," Robacker says.
The size and number of bass is impacted by events that occur after egg laying rather than the quantity of eggs laid or nests constructed.
He notes that while the technique is still in the experimental stages, it could result in a compromise between fast egg laying and fast meat growth.
In northwestern Tennessee where I have studied Carolina Chickadees since 1970, the earliest clutches are initiated in March and the latest clutches are laid in May; the peak of egg laying typically occurs in late March and early April.
The purpose of egg laying is reproduction, not omelets, and no bird in its right mind (if it had the choice) would lay an egg in the waning days of autumn or the freezing winter weather in expectations of hatching it.
Clean and vacuum frequently to help remove flea populations already in existence and discourage egg laying