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dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg


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The Egg Cups are baked in a muffin tin, so each cup is separate.
Method Wash the egg cup and ensure it's completely dry.
Glue the other 10 egg cups over the opening of the rectangular tissue box.
This year's scheme includes egg cups, latte cups and side plates.
uk AN EGG-CELLENT IDEA * These ceramic owl egg cups mean you no longer have an excuse to skip the most important meal of the day.
DITA von Teese has revealed an obsession - with egg cups.
Makes about 2 cups filling; 20 egg cups (or about 10 servings of two each).
Around one fifth of tire original collection is in the house, demonstrating all the uses and functions of silver in the eighteenth century, from chapel plate to chocolate services and egg cups (right).
Other additions include matte-glazed espresso and cappuccino cups with elliptical saucers, egg cups fused to their saucer as a single ceramic piece, a five-piece serving utensil set and a one-piece stainless-steel mezzaluna.
Once cooking time is complete, remove the eggs from the pan with slotted spoon, place into egg cups and serve immediately with hot buttered toast soldiers.
The chrome timer comes in a chicken shape while the four wire-woven egg cups are guaranteed to wow breakfast tables all over the country.
Simple to make they're eggshells that have been emptied, cleaned, filled with water, and placed in egg cups.
Elsa and Nannon drink tots of a brown sugary liquid out of egg cups, until they laugh at the way the bay winds out around them, and sit back against the warm smooth cliff-face jutting out from the sand, and fall asleep with their hats over their faces and their skirts hitched up.
Breakfast will be a treat with egg cups (left) to delight children and adults alike.