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made of milk and flavored syrup with soda water

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s Park Slope neighborhood, replete with egg creams and olive vinyl booths, Hall explains why his third CD, True, is more about shades of quiet than walls of sound.
Among the brands represented by Big Geyser are Jana Water, Mistic, Langers, Apple & Eve, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, San Pellegrino, Panna, Perrier, Vittel, Jones Soda, Bawls, Jeff's Egg Creams, Campbell's, V-8 Splash, Martinelli Apple Juice, Crush, Honest Tea, Tazo Tea, Crystal Ice and many others.
Ratner's was one of NYC's oldest established and long-running kosher restaurants, home to kasha and corned beef, testy waiters and egg creams.
There is a full-service bar for adults and concession kiosks featuring classic New York fare such as "Nathan's" hot dogs, pretzels and genuine New York egg creams.
In another version, he cries for an egg cream, and in still another, he calls for a Dr.
Legend says that Louis Aster, a candy store owner, invented the egg cream in Brooklyn in 1890.