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made of milk and flavored syrup with soda water

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I finally found my brave little Egg-cellent Egg Cream.
Egg Cream America currently fields six SKUs--Chocolate, Diet Chocolate, Vanilla, Root Beer Float, Orange Dream and Berry Dream.
Hmmm, I thought, sort of like a chocolate egg cream or an orange cream-sickle?
The Jewish Zodiac is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Chinese Zodiac that features 12 symbols based on popular deli foods like Bagel, Pastrami, Egg Cream and Chicken Soup.
Palate: Soft, medium-bodied revealing coconut, egg cream, white chocolate, marzipan, vanilla, and black licorice with medium acidy.
It's an investment you'll enjoy all year, whether for Orange Creme Latte and Brooklyn Egg Cream on a hot summer's day or for adding frothed milk to your coffee or espresso or for hot beverages such as Maple Steamer , Chisto , Hot Caramel Cider , Almond Mocha Steamer , Brazilian Hot Chocolate , Molten Hot Chocolate Milk and more.
In another version, he cries for an egg cream, and in still another, he calls for a Dr.
JOEY New York Egg Cream Cleanser with Egg and Honey pounds 29.
It's filled with a slice of Americana and 100 recipes like Chocolate Egg Cream, Baked Meat Loaf, Cheese Blintzes and Junior's Famous No.
Based on the classic Egg Cream that originated in New York candy stores with soda fountains, this version contains Godiva Chocolate Liqueur instead of non-alcoholic chocolate syrup in addition to half-and-half and seltzer in an old-fashioned soda glass.
PCxPress is famous for providing fresh news to press, analysts and investors," continues Davis, "We're almost as well-known in PCxPress press circles for the pastrami sandwiches and egg cream sodas.
Even though an egg cream contains neither egg nor cream, it does have milk.
In the former digs of Bistro 818, it's a place where the egg cream is supposed to be made with U-Bet syrup, yet one reader called right after it opened and complained that he saw a staffer use Hershey's.
You'll find a baked or stuffed potato here, Coney Island fries, a potato knish, an egg cream, a ``kidz'' menu, veal marsala and a fish of the day.
Sit down on one of the bar stools and you can be served anything, including an old-fashioned root beer float, a banana split, a hot fudge sundae or an egg cream, shake or malt.