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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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Effects on growth in relation to Schistosoma haematobium and hookworm egg counts.
This on-site veterinarian based solution provides rapid, quantitative fecal egg counts in animals.
She says: "I couldn't believe it when the doctor told me the average woman's egg count was 30 and mine was just seven.
Persons from households associated with nonintervention nurseries were examined at the end of the study, and treatment was provided for free to those with egg counts indicating infection with trematodes.
Reduction percentages in egg count after 1,7,14 and 21 days of treatment with Ivermectin were 65.
As shown in Table 7, there was a linear decrease in albumin, cholesterol and creatinine with an increase in total faecal egg count.
The smallest number of egg count in a deposition site represented Bambara-baddagala (13) and Han-gala (18) caves and the largest counts traced from Maragala-Kanda (82) and Yakun-hela (102) caves.
To study parasite egg count, hepatocyte status, granuloma size and histology, series of sections were stained with Haematoxylin-Eosin stain.
We had a good chance because of Sarah's egg count but I was over the moon when she was pregnant.
When Knox and his colleagues fed chlamydospores on a daily basis to 4-5 month old sheep, they found that the average egg count in treated sheep was reduced to about one-third that of untreated controls.
For example, after a 1997 no-till planting of corn, the SCN egg count fell from 112,000 eggs per liter of soil to below 12,000.
Although the absolute undercounts increased with the total number of eggs, the percent of undercount decreased with the total egg count.
1/2 cup of cooked dry beans or 1 egg counts as 1 ounce of lean meat.
Here you can note events or tallies (planting dates, temperatures, egg counts, etc.
Faecal egg counts can help determine the best time to treat ewes