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the female reproductive cell

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The patents include published United States patent applications numbers 20030224345, 20040199935, and 20040219563 which describe the fusion of the cytoplasm of egg cells, or embryonic stem cells with somatic cells to reprogram the somatic cells back to a pluripotent stem cell state and the use of gene trap technology to identify and induce differentiation of stem cells.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer: Process in which the nucleus containing half a genome is removed from a human egg cell and replaced with a nucleus containing a full genome from an adult cell of any kind from a donor.
Using a strand of baby hair, he partially constricts a newly fertilized egg cell, forcing the nucleus to one side and only cytoplasm to the other.
In this technology, an egg cell donated by a woman -- not a new embryo, but a cell with no full human genome and no chance of becoming a person -- would have its nucleus removed and a nucleus from a patient put in its place.
In this instance, human egg cells were prepared by removing their DNA and adding the DNA from a human somatic (body) cell.
The scientists also reported in a separate experiment that they were able to prod a human egg cell to progress to the embryonic stage without using any kind of fertilization.
Each sperm's store of protein-dissolving enzymes is then released, allowing its head to burrow downwards towards the egg cell itself, a journey taking about 30 minutes.
Using an electric jolt, the genes are fused from that cell with a specially treated donor egg cell, whose own genes have been removed before that cell is allowed to grow into an embryo in a laboratory.
We all start from a single cell: the fertilised egg cell or zygote.
In the case of Dolly, a single, randomly chosen cell was taken from a donor sheep and fused with a DNA-free egg cell of another sheep -- an egg cell from which the nucleus had been removed -- producing a lamb genetically identical to the original donor sheep.
Scientists are now able to take an immature egg cell harvested from the ovary of a newborn mouse and grow the egg cell to maturity out of the mouse's body.
In addition, in our experience, we believe that this portfolio provides us with a dominant patent position in the production of human embryonic stem cells by parthenogenesis wherein stem cells are made from an egg cell without fertilization or SCNT.
In 1952 Americans Robert Briggs and Thomas King performed the first implantation of a nucleus into an egg cell when they cloned a frog.
However, IVF embryo profiling can diagnose such disorders and the newest development can replace unhealthy mitochondria from the mother's egg cell with healthy mitochondria from a donor.