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The impossibility of such a creation sequence was argued in my book on the premise that "planets can only come into existence given the presence of a Sun" and from that, it could be egested into space and not vice-versa.
If sharks were indeed the scavenging animals, it is likely that the tags were regurgitated, rather than egested through the alimentary canal, whereupon the PSAT floated to the surface and was able to transmit the archived data.
They argue that pellet content may not reflect prey base particularly when potential prey differ in size because when larger-size prey are consumed they must be egested before new prey can be ingested.
We estimated resampling errors related to the variability in digestion of egested structures by repeatedly selecting n structures, at random, with replacement from the original sample set of n egested structures.
Filtration rate for total organics (FRTOTORG; in milligrams per hour) = [((Milligrams inorganic matter egested both as true feces and pseudofeces per hour) / (PIM / TPM)) x (POM / TPM)]
Small undigested particles may exit via the two small anal pores of the ctenophores, but the larger particles are egested through the mouth (Reeve and Walter, 1978).
This increased activity corresponded to a 30% increase in total N and C egested by earthworms at our site, 70% of which are known surface-casting species (Zurcher 1994; J.
Consumption of seston portions by shellfish means that some suspended solids that would otherwise drift by fish cages now have the potential for redirection to the benthos as indigestible seston components, egested in shellfish feces.
Changes in feeding and crawling rates of Hydrobia truncata (Prosobranchia: Hydrobiidae) in response to sedimentary chlorophyll-a and recently egested sediment.
1990, Lall 1991), while egested P, in contrast, becomes available to algae at much longer time scales (Nakashima and Leggett 1980b).
Desirable particles are ingested and further processed, and either expelled during the second sorting stage as intestinal feces or processed by the digestive gland and later egested as true mussel feces (Dame 1993, Giles & Pilditch 2004, Callier et al.
The assimilation efficiency is the fraction of consumed prey that is not egested as feces or left behind after a kill.
Clearance rate (measured in liters per gram per hour) was calculated as milligrams of inorganic matter egested both as feces and pseudofeces per hour divided by milligrams of inorganic matter available per liter of seawater (Hawkins et al.
The bolus of digested fish flesh, derived from the meal consumed the previous afternoon, was nearly always egested (as is normal for animals without an anus) by the time a squid pellet was offered the following morning, thus premature egestion of the fish flesh did not occur among treatment anemones.
l]: chl a was unchanged in the feces and pseudofeces relative to the algal diet, indicating that cells of Isochrysis were excreted or egested in the same proportion as the diet (Fig.