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social and political equality

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The innovative design of the EGALITY study includes switched and continuous treatment arms.
The EGALITY data, showing our biosimilar etanercept to be bioequivalent to the originator product, is part of the comprehensive data package submitted to the EMA and FDA' said Malte Peters, head of Global Clinical Development, Biopharmaceuticals, Sandoz.
Egality here means equality, and fraternity collectivity, with an interesting section dedicated to collective groups like the Guerrilla Girls, Equipo 57 and Italy's World Congress of Free Artists under the question - do we need to know who makes art?
Good for mother, wife, sister, or daughter, there would be no waste in any order, and the price would reach even the worker's purse, egality a virtue in the market.
He is taking advantage of an "Electoral Rebellion" by German grassroots group Egality Now, in which about some 50 German voters have agreed to cast their ballots for parties chosen by non-Germans, in protest, they say, at a lack of democracy.
As a consequence there are other major differences, such as regarding the application of the principle of legality, the egality of the parties, guilt or neglijance, sanctions, the legal capacity, etc.
During the French Revolution, cobbled streets echoed with the impassioned protestation: 'Liberty, Fraternity, Egality -and free curling tongs for jail birds
It is also about liberty, egality and fraternity, for without those three vital principles where would France be today?
The remarkable continuation of the appearance of diplomacy and pseudo-l egality, even when nazification had turned from participation to command, presents an interesting case of institutional impression-management that is to be attributed to the Commission's unique international character.
I happen to disagree with this speculative evolutionary depiction of "Maloh" social organization which proposes a movement from egality to hierarchy on the basis of very little ethnohistorical evidence, although recent reviews of Thambun Anyang's study provide us with valuable insights into the perspectives of local anthropologists or "insiders" (Sellato 1998, pp.