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a newt in its terrestrial stage of development

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In these recordings, the people participating had never used EFT before, and they were truly amazed at the relief they experienced in a very short amount of time.
The renewal of the contract is a significant win for DuServe, considering that the Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC) subsidiary started working with EFT just before the building handover took place in 2011.
According to the EFT managers, this is largely due to the higher electricity export tax in Bulgaria which was increased to EUR 8.
Metal Invest EFT is a daughter company of EFT Group, the biggest importer of electricity in Macedonia.
I could not find clinical studies involving EFT and physical ailments, but at least two studies have reported that EFT has a significant effect on phobias.
Oh, the computer had placed the charge on my credit card, but it missed the first two digits of my EFT, so it didn't know where to put the money it had received.
Two websites give information on how to get EFT instruction: Gary Craig's website, www.
Protectserver orange eft is supplied with a software development kit that provides software developers and system integrators with the tooling and information they need to gain access to EFT services implemented either on protectserver orange (CSA 8000) adapter or on protecthost white mark II (Mark II ESM) box.
Check used to capture information for a one-time EFT.
Depositors that exceed the 1998 threshold would have to make EFT deposits in 2000 and subsequent years.
TEI generally supports the proposed guidelines in respect of filing thresholds and the imposition of EFT obligations (page 4 of the FTA paper).
Doug Albert, EFT's President and Chief Executive Officer commented "Bayside has been a tremendous partner to EFT and has been instrumental in helping us establish and execute our strategy to become a leader in the filtration market.
EFT Group has denied allegations in the press that the purchase of energy from the energy reserve of the National Electricity Transmission Company (NEK) has incurred damages to the state company.
EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' and specific techniques that therapists, physicians, ministers, counselors, social workers, and members of other healing professions can employee to alleviate emotional distress and the dysfunctions that arise from that distress in both body and mind.