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a friendly open trait of a talkative person

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But what I'm saying is not the effusiveness of friendship.
In contrast to the emotional effusiveness of sentimentality, the coded communication between slaves was strategically illegible in order to escape detection by masters, many of whom manipulated emotional bonds as punishment, as Rufus does when he threatens Alice with the setting of their children to render her more compliant.
Dashwood's character: she is generally governed by the "romantic delicacy," the emotional effusiveness, in brief; the "sensibility" typical of Marianne; but in extreme circumstances, a new facet is revealed--a glimmer of "sense" shared with, and perhaps learned from, Elinor.
Although Christopher Plummer's charismatic Captain Von Trapp cast a shadow over Michael Praed's version, he provided a good stern foil to the youthful effusiveness, of Maria and produced a surprisingly sweet Edelweiss.
Russo Bullaro demonstrates well the extremesin Wertmuller film criticism, which range from the American effusiveness of a Simon and a Bachmann to the Italian reception which, at best, is lukewarm or downright negative, as is Micicchc's scathing assessment.
The final lines, then, suggest that despite their effusiveness Simon's expressions of gratitude leave little impression on the poet-narrator.
30) The effusiveness of Uefa's response to the G14/ECA deal is telling.
Yet, by contrast, the chapel, once scorned by him for the tackiness of its art-nouveau effusiveness, is open once more and offers real succour to more than Ryder alone: "that's in bounds for troops; surprising lot use it, too" (326).
There's a new uncanniness to Auerbach's gestures here, a controlled effusiveness.
They cover lessons from Bangladesh for policy reforms in the developing world, the effusiveness of Bank support for policy reform, lessons from country program evaluations, lessons from middle-income countries such as Brazil and China, lessons from post-conflict countries, poverty reduction strategies, and improving the international context for reform.
For some, Lang's effusiveness is contagious, his glib command irresistible.
We are so fearfully supportive that we undermine ourselves; our critical vocabulary is swamped in effusiveness.
Since the keypad is the same," her first text message went, punctuated by semicolon emoticons expressing effusiveness and embarrassment, "I can write the same way.
For most, those many distractions only serve to fill a void; they stop us from thinking, from questioning the way we live, and from asking ourselves if we're actually living the way we want to live, or whether we should change directions in order to learn how to enjoy our solitude--that is, to hear the effusiveness emanating from that spring inside each one of us.
There are so many things to commend in Fleming Rutledge's book that the reviewer runs the risk of effusiveness.